Welcome to 30 Days of Mass Effect. In this continuation of the previous segment, we examine what I consider to be my favorite Renegade interrupts in the Mass Effect series. I especially love these interrupts because players have the chance to do the unthinkable and become the rebel we were born to be. Naturally, I know there’s probably some other moments in the game I’ve missed that others like better than the choices I have here, and that’s fine. Feel free to participate in the comments section and remember to avoid if you don’t like spoilers.



7) Hock’s Shattered Ego

This Renegade interrupt is found during Kasumi’s Stolen Memory DLC. Basically, Shepard and Kasumi have gone through the trouble of successfully infiltrating Donovan Hock’s mansion in order to find the Graybox of Kasumi’s deceased lover, located inside a private museum filled with rare artifacts from each of the different races in Council space. Players suddenly find themselves busted when Donovan Hock appears via hologram, his language dripping with the usual snobbery players have had to endure throughout most of the DLC. While this eccentric villain commits the worst sin possible – monologuing – Shepard has the chance to shoot one of Hock’s artifacts to cut his dialogue short. To this day, I’ve never seen how the scene would play out without me using this interrupt, a testament to how entertaining it was to use, meriting a spot on my list.



6) Express or Coach?

This Renegade interrupt happens during the Thane recruitment mission. In this situation, Shepard and co. run into an Eclipse merc while searching for the notorious assassin in Dantius’ Towers. The surprised merc tries to play tough when Shepard asks for information on the assassin Thane, and makes the fatal mistake of underestimating Shepard. While you can convince him to leave through a Paragon or Renegade option, the Renegade interrupt is my own guilty pleasure: Shepard knocks the merc out of the building and we watch as the guy falls to his doom.



5) Khalisah Al-Jilani

This Renegade interrupt can be accessed during Shepard’s time on the Citadel, and is a habit that became a running gag in the series. In the first game, Shepard had the option to punch Khalisah in the face via a Renegade option after being heckled by the reporter’s snarky comments. In Mass Effect 2, Bioware continued the tradition, introducing the option to punch her as an interrupt. In the third however, they subverted this interrupt by having Khalisah dodge Shepard’s punch. A well-timed interrupt would end up with Shepard headbutting her before she had a chance to retaliate against the player. This interrupt was a great way to keep a well-cherished tradition among Renegade players in the Mass Effect series fresh and entertaining.



4) Headbutting Uvenk

During the prelude to Grunt’s loyalty mission players run into resistance in the form of Gatatog Uvenk, a more traditional Krogan who doesn’t think Grunt – a “tankbred” Krogan engineered by the Warlord Okeer – should have the opportunity to complete the rite of passage that all Krogan take. After a considerable amount of time arguing with Gatatog while speaking with the Shaman, it becomes clear that Uvenk isn’t going to stop rambling any time soon. The solution? A good ole’ fashioned headbutt. I literally burst out laughing when I saw this – and was surprised Shepard hadn’t gotten a concussion or broken neck – but the most gratifying moment was the praise of the Krogan Shaman: “I like this human! He understands!” Indeed: when in doubt, headbutt; invaluable advice I put to use in ME3 when dealing with a rather disingenuous reporter.



3) Mine’s Bigger: Femshep

One thing I’ve appreciated about the Mass Effect series is how certain events can be influenced by the sex of Shepard. With respect to Femshep, this usually results in a flurry of insults or, in the case of one Batarian recruiter, sexist views. When Femshep approaches the recruiter, he’s fairly nonchalant and unconvinced in Shepard’s ability to accomplish the task and then suggests she head to the stripper’s quarters. At this moment, a Renegade interrupt pops up and Femshep can taunt the Batarian while drawing her gun, with one of the best lines delivered by Hale in the game, if not the series: “Show me your’s tough guy; I bet mine’s bigger.”



2) Revenge against Kai Leng

Now this is a Renegade interrupt I will never forget. Players spent most of Mass Effect 3 getting pwned by TIM’s new right-hand man, and even witnessed Thane getting dealt a fatal blow in a showdown with the deadly operative on the Citadel. Then, one final showdown against this *** on Chronos Station ended with Leng defeated, along with hordes of Cerberus lackeys. Yet, this critically injured space ninja somehow managed to get up and mosey over to Shepard’s back without any of your squadmates noticing! Yep; none of them thought to turn around when they heard those odd breathing noises. Leng thinks Shepard hasn’t noticed him either and readies his sword to assassinate our hero. Even if you don’t use the interrupt, Leng still dies. However, using this interrupt results in Shepard breaking Leng’s trademark katana and stabbing Leng in the gut with the omniblade in honor of Thane. Fatality!


1) Nuking a Reaper

Now, the final interrupt, coming in at first. This Renegade interrupt can be used during the mission on Rannoch shortly after Shepard defeats the Reaper. However, this option only appears if players choose the Renegade option when first speaking with the Reaper. After listening to the machine ramble with pseudo-cryptic nonsense, Shepard tells the Reaper to tell its buddies that the hero’s coming for them. Right afterward, Shepard uses the targeting laser on the Reaper and the Quarian fleet bombards it with one final attack; musing, Shepard decides to tell the Reapers in person instead. Easily one of the highlights of the entire series, meriting first place.

Which Renegade Interrupts are your favorites?