Folks, I'm back and just finished the projects I was working on, so I decided to participate in the next segment of the ongoing WGWC project I love - quite dearly, in fact - to show my own personal support. The challenge: write about an imaginary world I'd like to live in, from any medium, and simply elaborate on why I consider it to be so special. Me being the activist and all, I chose a world that is wracked with incredible injustices; this world is twisted, disturbing, and dangerous. It's also one with the abuse and wanton subjugation of sentient beings that are then used for violent competitions by people obsessed with collecting them for their own personal gain.



That's right, the world of Pokémon.

People probably think I'm joking, but I'm dead serious.

Don't buy into the cutesy propaganda of the anime show with the heroic protagonist that shows kindness and mercy to the Pokémon he catches, or the depictions of the nefarious terrorist group known as Team Rocket as inept, for the world couldn't be any different. Ash Ketchum - see the name and its subliminal message? - is hardly an example of the average "Pokémon trainer," as the diabolical practice is called, and is far from realistic; clearly an imaginary figure used by Team Rocket and its many offshoots to mask the harsh reality of the world from outsiders and desensitize them to their horrid practices. I was drawn in to the allure of poaching Pokémon and training them myself, but my conscience eventually settled upon me as I witnessed the negative societal effects. Let's consider my initial discovery: Team Rocket's desire to induce the behavior of "Pokémon training" in the minds of the children exposed as a form of mind control.

The process of "training" is older than you think, and actually has its blueprints in earlier projects Team Rocket explored, and I'd learn this after hacking their network via PC's in a local Pokémon Center. Team Rocket's previous attempts were barely successful, because they either had no lasting hold on the psyche of their victims or were unable to expand their sample base efficiently enough. One of the first attempts I discovered when I investigated this practice were a couple of files labeled "Operation Tensei" and "Operation Heavenly Bride", yet these attempts were aimed at a demographic too limited for their corruptive influences to maintain more than a superficial hold.

A closer examination - along with valuable information gleaned from their previous experiments - led to two simultaneous successes, named "Operation Tomagotchi" and the ultimate realization of their plans: "Operation Pokédex". The latter is a project that has slowly destroyed the minds of millions of children and permanently scarred them for life, turning them into adult gambling addicts obsessing over every fad of collectible resources possible. Worse however, is that the introduction of "training" has also led to increasingly abusive behavior and the virtual enslavement of Pokémon in a totalitarian system where they are used for sport in gladiatorial displays.

Before the advent of Team Rocket, humans lived in absolute harmony with Pokémon and respected them as equals. Yet, the corruptive influence of human nature led to greed and caused the near-eradication of several rare and powerful species of Pokémon, euphemistically referred to now as "legendary Pokémon" and only spoken of in legends. Those which survived this horrible disaster eventually became hostile and extremely territorial, which is why areas with tall grass, caves, and even the ocean are unsafe for travel alone.

Instead of trying to improve human relations with Pokémon, Team Rocket brainwashed humanity and have led them to believe that the only way to relate with Pokémon was through their capture and forced training for their own selfish desires. An incredibly unethical advance in technology geared precisely toward their capture and genetic alteration developed. This also caused the establishment of gyms where Pokémon trainers hone their skills in the barbaric practice by learning to control specific types of Pokémon in a desperate urge to satisfy their desire to "catch 'em all". The amount of money Team Rocket has made by profiting off of this social phenomenon - through their front organization known as Nintendo - is daunting.

Don't allow the sanitized images of Pokémon battles fool you either. Pokémon routinely experience large amounts of physical and psychological injury whenever they're fighting other Pokémon; just take horrible third degree burns that small grass Pokémon like Oddish are subjected to when pitted against fire Pokémon. In one battle, I witnessed the poor creature screaming "Oddish!" in pain as it was scorched alive by a powerful Fire Blast attack. I then watched in horror as its body became limp and slipped into a coma - "fainting" is what they call this - while the other trainer cheered and took the money he'd earned in his bet against the other trainer. This even caused the defeated trainer to enter a state of extreme emotional trauma and faint as well. If you think this is bad, you should see the Pokémon who are frozen, the others tortured by the invasive mental powers of Psychic Pokémon, or even those deliberately poisoned. The invention of special measures that "heal" Pokémon has otherwise masked the long-term negative effects of this practice.

When initially caught, Pokémon retain their core sense of identity, resisting the desire to assimilate with their trainer, although they are still mostly obedient. As time and years of "training" take their toll on them, they soon feel, in spite of all the pain and mundane tasks they are subjected to, that they are loved and cherished by their trainer, and are more than willing to serve them. I once saw a Pidgeot struggling to carry a three hundred pound man as he forced it to "fly" him to a town several miles away, in fact. Some Pokémon become so attached through this process that they even evolve into higher forms, a clear testament to the disturbing mind control powers Team Rocket has instilled through their nefarious process.

Due to Team Rocket's influence, the negligence of trainers toward their Pokémon has also led to an increase in deviance and poor social skills. Mobs of Pokémon trainers now ambush others while they stroll through the many roads outside the big cities, especially Hoenn, where multiple trainers are known to attack the random passerby at once.  Sometimes they even steal Pokémon after trading weaker ones in an attempt to assemble the perfect winning team for either Pokémon battles against the Elite Four or shallow contests.

The social hierarchy created by the pursuit of Pokémon training has also fostered the overuse of supplements that alter the natural physiology of tons of innocent Pokémon, such as Carbos, Hp Up, and PP Up in addition to enhanced vitamin supplements like Calcium. The Rare candy, a hormonal performance enhancement agent that dramatically affects Pokémon, has yet to be outlawed despite its relatively limited effectiveness and unforeseen side effects.

Another fascination with improving Pokémon performance is the forced evolution of Pokémon which has led to a high demand for Eevees and other Pokémon affected by the radioactive stones found in nature. These cause mutations that permanently change these Pokémon against their will. But Team Rocket's worst sins are probably the least anticipated.

Global Warming has rapidly developed due to the excessive use of Weezing and similar poison Pokémon; invasive species of Pokémon have tipped the balance of the ecosystem in certain regions, which has caused massive changes in landscape - especially the demolishing of natural rock formations. The continual discovery of new Pokémon has also contributed to an international craze that can't be sated, and the over-consumption of resources has led to a dramatic increase in the fishing of Magikarp vital to the marine food chain, and even the brutal mutilation of other Pokémon for absurd delicacies, such as Slowpoke tails. However, in my investigations of the corruption within the world of Pokémon, the horrible secret behind starter Pokémon kept by the very Professors we trust was the last straw, and I had to act.

I founded Adults against The Exploitation of Pokémon (ATEP), a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating the world's evils and teaching the masses of delusional trainers that Pokémon are living, intelligent beings too, and deserve to be treated better than mere collectible pets for mass corporations to take advantage of, even most people, now that I think about it. Yet, I'm aware that such an endeavor requires an equally grandiose reprogramming of the mind control and addictive behavior instilled into the minds of those exposed to the abomination that is Pokémon "training".

courtesy of napkinknuckles

Hell, I even deal with it myself at times, tempted to splurge thousands of Pokémon dollars on Ultra balls, Hyper Potions, and Revives so that I can spend hours grinding away with my Pokémon, battling legions of feral Pokémon and other trainers to make them stronger. However, as I finally grew close to my Poké partners and saw them as more than objects, I gained a deeper appreciation of them and have finally managed to live with them in a complete equilibrium, liberating other abused and mistreated Pokémon from their unfit trainers while educating others about the horrible plans of Team Rocket.

I can't do this alone, however. The world of Pokémon spans several wondrous regions, from Kanto to Sinnoh, each filled with unique Pokémon and diverse cultures. There are also many endangered Pokémon who've thrived in the world longer than we can imagine that need to be protected, and I need your help to accomplish this, either by volunteering or through contributing financially. For just the price of a Potion a month, I and my ATEP colleagues - mainly Nurse Joys, Chanseys, and Audinos who work tirelessly to rehabilitate injured Pokémon - can save a Pokémon from a life trapped inside the pokéball of another inconsiderate trainer by storing them safely within a Poké Center until they're ready to be freed, or we can give their trainers the proper therapy they need to overcome their addiction so that it doesn't become a lifelong illness. We'll even send you a picture of the Pokémon you're helping, as well as a testimonial from their trainer!

Every five minutes, a Pikachu cries as it's forced to Thunderbolt everything its trainer sees. Every ten minutes, a Ditto is abandoned due to trainers angry that it wasn't a real Mew, and for every second you spend reading this blog, a Magikarp will splash helplessly on a dinner plate at least ten times before it gets a chance to evolve into Gyrados. I can only shudder at the misfortune of the Pokémon who will have to endure a Hyper Beam from a demented Dragonite, which is probably happening right now. There are many problems that need to be fixed, and unless we work together, nothing will change. Yet, the world of Pokemon remains a wonderful place I will always love and fight for, flaws and all.