How's everyone doing?  I've been away from the site all weekend doing life stuff like painting my bathroom, working, taking my dog to training class, watching the NFL championship games, and debating on another site on a religious topic.  As I said before in this blog I love a good debate in forums.  In that other forum I frequent about religion not only do the gloves come off but everyone dips their hands in glue and glass before entering a debate, it gets ugly.  So I wanted to spark some calmer debates here.  My Debate blog was kind of like a precursor to upcoming debates. 

So I thought about some topics and came up with one about EA's and THQ's MMA games.  But unfortunately no one responded.  For probably two reasons; first, maybe it was received as a "Verses" thread, something that isn't allowed here.  Or second, and probably the most likely reason, nobody cared.  Which is fine.  So I sat and tried to think of a topic that would not only catch peoples attention but also everyone would have some opinion about.  So I thought of this one.

I made that thread knowing full well that I would be outnumbered.  I knew no one would agree with the topic.  And I knew that I would be "attacked".  So why did I do it?  Well, I got the idea from GameInformer magazine itself actually.  Do any of you remember in the old magazine when the editors would have a topic to discuss, one for and one against?  (As I can't find any of my old issues I can't remember what the section was called.  I think it was called "Connection Opinion"?)  One would be assigned to agrue FOR the topic and the other would have to argue AGAINST it, even if it went against their true opinion.  In fact, that's how you learn to improve your debating abilities, argue FOR the side your actually against, and vise versa.  It also helps you learn more about your own opinion.

Well, that's exactly what I did in that thread.  I thought of a topic I knew everyone would have an opinion about and decided to play "devil's advocate".  Do I truly feel that ALL online games should be rated Mature?  Of course not.  Do I truly feel that XBLive Cards should have Mature ratings on them?  No.  That's silly in fact.  (My original topic was going to be "Video's games should be regulated by the government".  But I thought that that would be a little too extreme and scaled it back a bit.) 

But WHY did id do it??  I wanted to show that it's OK to disagree here.  I wanted to show that it's OK to explore reasons as to why we disagree.  I wanted to show that heated topics can still be discussed without resorting to childish remarks.  I think it gets boring when threads are made where everyone is agreeing with each other.  Though my topic created some heated comments I still felt is was pretty tame.  One poster started to get a little heated and emotional with me but caught himself and pulled back, but still was able to post intelligent comments.  Bravo!  All but one poster's comments I didn't really care for.  I could've handled his emotional comments but what I couldn't get past was his poor use of grammar.  But in the end I was really impressed!  These guys were not only posting respectfully and, most importantly, intelligently but they started to back up their comments with research! 

So my hat's off to the members who took the time to debate this.  dbull620, Demon Ragnarok, David, Jc17580, Quasidodo, akbirdman, and most of all jpow11.  You guys rock and we need more members like you here!  Keep it up! 

I think IF I ever play "devil's advocate" again I'll say so in the beginning.