In this edition of "Drunk on MMA" I want to talk about the ratings magnet that is Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson.  Before his arrival on the UFC's Ultimate Fighter show he was fighting with the EliteXC where he was portrayed as the Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan of MMA.  Well, needless to say, we already know what happened to him there, as well as the organization itself.  However, while he was fighting with the EliteXC Dana White was publicly trash talking Kimbo saying things like he may be the toughest guy at the BBQ but he is no mixed martial artist.  Now Dana White is giving Kimbo the chance at making it to the UFC through the show.

First of all I would like to say that I'm glad to see Kimbo fighting professional fighters rather than on Youtube.  And I think it would be a sad day in the MMA world if they no longer accepted straight up street fighters.  I think Kimbo belongs in MMA.  That being said, I think it's quite clear that he doesn't belong in the UFC, but that won't stop him from getting a contract.  His appearance on the Ultimate Fighter has given the show records ratings, and he is clearly the star of the show.  This is the reason he is going to get a contract.  Not because of his fighting skills, because they are clearly not at the level of the UFC fighters, but because he brings ratings.

Let's face it, in the show, he was beaten easily by a grappler who was performing at half speed.  Just imagine if he was up against heavy weight grapplers like Mir, Lesnar, Carwin, Velasquez, Nogueira, Couture, or Gonzaga performing at full speed!  It would be both ugly and boring.  Even with this fact Dana White still gave Kimbo another fight on the Ultimate Fighter Finale possibly against heavy striker Houston Alexander.  And it won't surprise me to see Kimbo on the next UFC pay per view regardless of the outcome.  Which I find to be a shame.  Kimbo had his chance and lost.  Even with a contract he will never be champion contender.  Anyways, it's not his fault.  There is an opportunity for him to make money, who wouldn't take it?  Instead of giving him a contract I think they should make him a permanent host of the Ultimate Figher tv show.

Now let's see what MMA has in store for us duing the month of November.

Nov. 7 Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers:  I still predict Fedor to win via submission, but an upset isn't that far from an impossibility.  Rogers needs to, and will, come out throwing a hurricane of punches.  And with his power he has the ability to KO Fedor.  But he needs to do that right away, otherwise Fedor will have his way with him.  Like I said, I see Fedor weathering the storm and Rogers gassing out, with Fedor winning by submission in the second round.  This is a great card overall.  Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva makes his Strikeforce debut against Fabricio Werdum.  Light heavy weight champ Gegard Mousasi fights Ramaeu Sokodjou in a non-title fight.  And Jake Shields faces the host of MTV's "Bulley Beatdown" Jason "Mayhem" Miller for the vacant middle weight title.  I see that as a back and forth grappling contest with Jason Miller as the winner via decision.  The best part is that this event is live for free this weekend CBS!!

Nov. 21 UFC: Ortiz vs. Griffin 2:  I want to talk about this event because I think it's an exciting fight for both men.  First of all it's the return of Tito Ortiz.  He's been away from the UFC for three years now recovering from a back surgery.  Now he says that this is the first time he is coming into a fight at 100% since his first fight with Ken Shamrock and he is hungry to make another run for the light heavyweight title.  Forrest Griffin, on the other hand, is coming off a devastating loss to Anderson Silva.  And one thing we've all learned from Forrest Griffin is that he trains harder than ever and comes back a stronger fighter after a loss.  So we got two hungry fighters who both need wins ready to square off.  I see a back and forth fight with heavy shots being landed standing and on the ground, but I see Tito Ortiz as the winner via decision.

There are other great MMA events this month like Nov 7. Sengoku 11th Battle, Nov. 14 UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera, and Nov 18 WEC: Brown vs. Aldo.  Another great month of MMA action for us fans!  Don't forget that the sport of MMA expands farther than the UFC!