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Activision, Infinity Ward, Bungie? Today on 40 News!

Hello and welcome to my newest segment of 40 News! where I put my opinion towards the news. If you are wondering why it has taken so long for me to post a new segment of 40 News! it is because I have been busy and didn't feel I had something to write that I could really flesh out for you the wonderful readers to enjoy.  You also may be asking why I have just started writing about the Infity Ward debacle. Well that is because instead of updating the blog constantly I wanted to get to a spot where enough information had come to light that I felt I could give a lot of data and not have to constantly update.


For those of you who have been living under a rock the debacle that I am reffering to has to do with Infinty Ward and Activision.  About 2 months ago Jason West and Vince Zampella, the heads of Infinity Ward, anounced that they had been fired by Activison.  Now I don't know about you but if I owned a studio that made me Modern Warfare 2 I would let them do whatever the hell they wanted, but that's just me.  Anyway this news came along with a report that "bouncer" types had arrived at Infinity Ward a day earlier while Zampella and West were gone, no one knew what was going on.  There was also a rumor that Activision interigated West and Zampella in a windowless room for a few hours, Activision claims this rumor to be false.  So time passed and during that time West and Zampella filed a lawsuit against Activision for unpaid royalties and rights.  Among these rights they claim that before MW2 they made an aggreement with Activision to make MW2 and continue their contract a few years but they had to grant a studio permision to make a call of duty or Modern Warfare game set during or after Vietnam.  Following up on that lawsuit Activision struck back with a lawsuit of their own.

Activisions lawsuit claims that Jason and Vince were in a breach of contract by performing insubordinate actions by talking to Activision's competitior EA.  They also said that Jason and Vince's claims were complete fabrications and that they tried to offer a supportive environment to help Infinity Ward perform to the best of their ability.  And they finished up by saying Vince and Jason's lawsuit was just a way for them to postpone Modern Warfare 3.  Since then about 20 more employees have left Infinity Ward and some have confirmed working with Respawn Entertainment which, SHOCK, is Jason and Vinces new Independant Studio that they partnered with, DOUBLE SHOCK, EA.  Does this mean that Activision's claims are true? No, Jason and Vince are highly sought after individuals so they easily could have struck a deal in the month between the firing and anouncment of the new studio.  They also had no office building or employees when they made the anouncment so it wasn't like they were all set up in a months time.  Finally past and present employees of Infinity Ward have now SUED Activision on the claim that they were not paid all the royalties they were owed as a way to FORCE them into making Modern Warfare 3.  Why does this remind me of something? Oh yeah Vince and Jason are sueing for royalties.

Now the reason I felt today was the day to write this was their was another big anouncment today pertaining to Activision and a developer.  That news is Bungie.  What? No not Bungie jumping.  Bungie, as in the talented company that brought us Halo 1-3 as well as ODST and their upcoming title Halo Reach.  Anyway so Bungie has now anounced a partnership with Activision for the next 10 years where they will be an Independant Developer with ownership over their own IP, a luxory they did not have with Halo.  They seem excited about this venture and say they have been working this deal long before the Infinity Ward drama.


Now heres the thing, normally this is where I give my opinion about the news like "Oh that sounds cool and that looks bad" but because what has happened are facts and we just can't be sure what they are I don't want to go to in depth with them.  So a brief opinion from me is the Jason and Vince were upset about the two new developers Activision had anounced to do Call of Duty making a total of 3 developers working on their own COD game that wasn't Infinity Ward and one developer making a "action adventure" call of duty title (I have know idea what that means but it sounds like they are just calling it COD for the name recognition).  Activision got mad and decided to fire them claiming breach of contract.  One thing I don't get is that Activision didn't expect people to defect over to Respawn.

So here is what I really want to talk to you about, the future.  Here are my predictions.  Should Activision be given ownership to make any COD game they want they probably will make a fair amount of money in the beginning however people will soon realise that they aren't as good as they once were and the COD name will die off.  They will also make Modern Warfare 3 and it won't live up to MW2 and that will be the end of that.  I also think Infinity Ward will either close down or most people will leave and it will be a different team just using the name, either way the true Infinity Ward will be history.  Should Jason and Vince get ownership of COD and MW names post Vietnam Activision will probably make more COD game Pre Vietnam and the same thing will happen that I stated above.  I think a lot of Infinity Ward employees will join Respawn and with that company craft another smash hit, not a hard guess.  And finally on the Bungie front I am simply really excited to see a game from them that will most likely be awesome.

So there it is I'm linebacker40 and this is 40 News!


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