Ok let me say this now I am a huge Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo was the first console I've ever played and has some of the best consoles ever. They create the best gaming experiences and ideas from 3d worlds to Handheld gaming to Motion controls to Off-screen play to 3D play. They have a man who's smile is so godly It takes away all the stress from you just by looking at him, a president who's too awesome, a music composer who can't be touched and of course we can't leave out Reggie Fils aime who's body is always ready.


Nintendo has been in a little slump with their current console known as the WiiU and sales were good in the start but slowed down because of no games which every great needs. Now everybody has deemed Nintendo's WiiU the fall of them because they didn't sell 10 billion systems in their first hour. Good games are on the way this holiday season and releasing one every major one every month. WiiU sales are picking up little by little with each month with releases like Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, WW HD, Wonderful 101, etc. If Nintendo would like to boost sales now there are a couple things they can do now to help.

Unified Accounts

Sometimes consoles break or in some cases( my cases) gets stolen and all your data and games you bought on the system stores are taken with it. For ps3 and 360 users we have to put in our username and password and then we can re download the games we had bought. For Nintendo owners. Well your *** out of luck. Nintendo has expressed a desire for doing this but are really taking there sweet ass time because they know we would just buy them again. But not all people see their way and starting to get tired from it. Unified Accounts for the WiiU and 3ds can help out big time.

More Third Party Help

I admit Ubisoft is supporting the WiiU with great titles like ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell BL,  and Watchdogs. I really wish other companies would do the same thing. Now I can understand why some games like GTAV and Dark Souls II might not make it on the WiiU, but for the life of me I just can't understand why we can't get games like Kingdom Heart 3 and Tales of games.  Part of this is on Nintendo who doesn't want to ask them for support or just isn't trying hard or bargaining enough. Part of this is on the developers  who shoot themselves by leaving out features on the Nintendo console and some of this is on the fans.  More third party support can benefit them in the long run.

The Fanbase

I've always wanted to touch on this point on my Youtube Channel but had a computer problem and just forgot about it. Now reading a friends blog (ResidentHazard) and I thank him for reminding me of this topic.

Nintendo are regarded as some of the worst fans in gaming history. I don't see it but can agree to some degree. Fans are some of the reasons why we don't get 3rd party support because fans just ignore them and don't buy it because it's missing one feature. I always said if I can get games like Crash, Madden, DBZ, Splinter Cell, and GTA etc etc on a Nintendo console I buy it on a Nintendo console, but not all people think like me. I hate reading or hearing people ask why don't we get this game and when we do they won't buy it because it's missing one feature. Now I can understand the frustration about it but How does that help your argument ? Buy games like Wonderful 101, Splinter Cell, Rayman, Watchdogs, and maybe we get more support.

More and Better Online Play

Nintendo loves them some offline MP. Having a friend or family member right beside you playing games like Nintendoland, NSMBU, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, and Just Dance. But not all gamers have friends who come over and hang out everyday or families who will always have time to play with you. Online play not only helps with replay value but can also boost sales in a big way. Wii Sports is coming in HD to the WiiU with online MP. Nintendo this is a good start and I hope you guys are getting Smash Brothers Online play up to par. It helps Nintendo try it.

Lay off Mario for a While

Ok I'm a big Mario fan. It's my favorite franchise of all time. But I've come to a point where I want them to lay off him for a while. Now titles like Mario Party, Soccer, Kart, Mario RPG's like Dream team and Paper Mario. Now I am very excited SM3dW and loved NSMBU and SLU, but Mario now needs a rest. You might say, but Lil J there hasn't been that many Mario games released lately. Then let me recap.

From 2009 to now we've seen NSMB Wii,  Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros 2, New Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario 3d Land, Super Luigi U,  Super Mario Bros All-star, and the soon to be released Super Mario 3d World. That's 8 Mario titles in less then five years. Now sure they are each on a different console and always a year apart, but just like CoD, Madden, AC, and Nba 2k I get tired of them real quick. Then again Nintendo takes care of their titles and they each have good things about them like Galaxy introducing space platforming, New super Mario bros bringing 4 player Co-op,  Mario 3d land and World bring 2d elements and play into a 3d world (which I've been wanting since 1997). New Super Mario Bros U has some of the best level design since World and Luigi U adds to that formal, but now it's to rest Mario. Set him down and think of a new style for him in the future.

Use Your Other Franchises



I've been wanting Nintendo to make more use of there other franchises. I've been wanting a new Yoshi's island, Kirby,  and Star Fox on WiiU. I want to see how they would make a new Earthbound game. Would Kid Icarus get the awesome combat system it got on the 3d? Will we see another 3d DK? I don't know because Nintendo just seems to ignore them and only uses Mario, Zelda, and Metriod.
Come on Nintendo I want to play your other franchise for once. I also badly want to see another Baten Kaitos game on WiiU.

N64, Gamecube, and Gameboy Virtual Console and Faster releases

Releasing one game a week isn't gonna cut it for me Nintendo. You need to start releasing these titles and better ones faster.  Also where is the updates for the Gamecube and Gameboy Virtual consoles at? You need this for a major boost and having it before the holiday season start can improve on decision making and crush sales of the Ps4 and Xbox1.

A Pokemon Game like X/Y gold/silver and Blue/Red on WiiU

Gamefreak has stated they wouldn't make a pokemon like this on the console because tech problem, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Think about how sales would look like for the WiuU if this happened. Please please Gamefreak do it.

There I said my mind and really do think this can help out Nintendo in the long run with the WiiU. It's only one year and there still a lot of potential with the WiiU but come on Nintendo lets get the ball rolling. 

What are your thoughts on this?