Where there is good there is evil. A good guy or Hero always needs a villain to duke it out with. There are villains who are over the top and just amazing to see go to work or hear them talk or fight. These are my top Six villains in gaming history.


6. Dr Robotnik/Eggman




Robitnik is a smart fat scientist with an I.Q over 300. Builds great robot powered by little animals inside. Want to create a land of his own and will do anything to get it whether it's splitting the world into pieces or enslaving other planets and it's inhabits. Eggman is also a funny guy who gets ripped on by his arch-enemy Sonic. This is always one enemy I look forward to seeing even if the games have been bad.




5. Bowser



I don't know how this came to be, but a giant lizard/turtle  wants to kidnap a princess, marry her and take over her kingdom. A princess who has the WORST body guards ever in history. Who gets saved by a fat plumber (who is somehow athletically as hell) over and over again for the past 28 years and it never seems to get old.(ok maybe a little) 

Bowser is a guy who gets things done, but can't never seem to finish what he started. Whether it's in the paper mario or Mario and Luigi Rpg's or the classic 2d and 3d games. He's always in a pattern. Kidnap Peach and get defeated by Mario. He's a great villain who never gives you a dull moment.


4. Sephiroth

A villain with the gnarliest theme in final fantasy history. Sephiroth is cold and ruthless and one of the best villains in the FF series. Known as One-Winged Angel Sephiroth rebels against the Shinra Electric Power Company and enacts a world-wide vendetta against the corruption of humankind after falling into insanity.  He is also Cloud Strifes archenemy and the only good thing in FFVII.

3. Ganon/Ganondorf

Destiny is one hell of a thing. Fighting your ancestors battles and not living your own life, but then again always getting to meet a beautiful girl named zelda and fighting one of the best Villains in history who always want power by the triforce. Ganon is always a blast to fight even when he doing Kung-fu in Zelda 1, but  when OoT introduced Ganondorf in his human form and the best Ganon/Ganondorf  battle.

2. Vaas Montenegro

The minute I saw Vaas I just knew he was gonna be something special. His insanity is highly noted and clearly is shown he lost his mind a long ago. He sees a lot of himself in Jason. Vaas is a awesome villain helping enslaving people and selling them, killing Jason's older brother right before his eyes, explaining the definition of sanity from his point of view. When getting to the end of his story in and inside his hallucination Vaas is at his best. Just hearing his voice and him talking is amazing. I wish we get more villains like him.

1. The Joker

An villain who gets things done. An villain is never gets into trouble no matter how many people he's killed. A guy who should have been killed a long ago. There's insanity and then there's INSANITY. The Joker takes things to the next level and beyond. He always has a trick or two up his sleeve and he always makes things interesting. You love to see him work even though you know it's bad. This is a villain I always look forward to seeing whether it's the movies, cartoon, and games. The joker is without a doubt the best villain ever created and my favorite.

So what is it you like in a villain and who whether it's a game or movie?