The final couple of months are here and some of the most anticipated games are here for us to enjoy. But like most people us gamers have to pay bills and need food (or snacks) to survive. We can't buy everything at once unless your still a kid or born into a rich family (lucky ***). I know some us pre-order most of our game choices already and are set but this is a what-if that I'm interested in hearing. So if you only had enough money to buy just 5 console games and 1 portable from this list what would your choices be?

The colorful Wonderful 101 had my attention from the get go. A game that reminded me of Viewful Joe when I first saw it had me set. The icing on the cake was finding out you can beat things up with your heroes next to you. SCORE. This is a purchase that any WiiU owner should get.

I'm getting sick and tired of the AC series for now. Ubisoft has released 4 AC games ( plus mobile ones) and I think this series is starting to burn out and just a money grabber right now. But Blackflag has got me interested in being a pirate and fighting sharks. I just hope it gets back to the assassin roots.

After Arkham City I fell in love with this series and thank Rockstar and Warner Bros for giving me a great batman game. Now Arkham Origins a prequel is coming out and I'm overjoyed. Your playing as a younger batman (who somehow looks older in the trailers) fighting villains like Deathstroke,Blackmask  and a young penguin. Any batman fan or lover of AC just can't pass this game up.

Sonic fans rejoice as the blue blur is back and looking better then ever. Lost Worlds is looking promising and after two great titles in Colors and Generations things have been up for Sonic. Wisps are back and the level design and new moves are making me drool everytime I see a new trailer. This is a Must buy for WiiU owners and Sonic lovers.

Fish. Who knew? After the recent Madden sales I'm not gonna be surprised if people buy this game, but it seems to get the job done in being a fun FPS despite viewing things differently. When ever I'm talking to my 11, 9, and 14 year old cousins they say it's the best FPS ever with every release and when I see them play it man It's  like someone just took steroids. I don't know what people see in this series but I know Cod fans will buy it.

I dropped the pokemon series after R/S/E and ignored black and white 1 & 2. Now X and Y are on the way and Gamefreak has pulled me back in. I'm hot for this game and with the new features like Fairies and mega evolutions this is gonna make the 3ds even better then ever. You have to be dead not to buy this.

Ok maybe it wasn't the 3d DK I wanted or the Metriod game everybody else wanted, but after DK returns I wanted more DK and this will have to do for now. I'm glad they saw the untapped potential  in DKR by bring back water levels which I missed and Dixie my 2nd favorite character. A must buy for WiiU owners.

I've never played wind waker before So this is my chance to engage in the the only Zelda game I've never played but in beautiful HD. Nintendo does remakes right from Resident evil Remake to Metal Gear on the gamecube.So I'm not gonna blow my chance to play this good looking game the minute it's released.

Fps's aren't really my thing, but games like Goldeneye, MoH, Killzone and the recent BF games got me into it. MP is the big story here and it's looking like a beast. This is MP done right. With the Ps4 on the way. Hardcore and skilled FPS gamers are not gonna pass this game up.

The 3ds is getting zelda on it and it's a sequel to my 2nd favorite SNES game ALTTP.  Zelda a link between Worlds brings back the SNES Hyrule in all of its glory with the dark world making its grand return and Links new ability to turns into a painting makes this probably the best game on the 3ds release besides Pokemon.

Now this is a game I like Ubisoft working on instead of AC. Watchdogs took the stage and wowed me with it's new approach. Think about having that Cell phone. How would you abuse that power? With each trailer released and more gameplay footage being shown I'm more then ready for this title.

Peach in a cat suit is gonna make rule 34 so happy. When Nintendo announced they were working on a 3d Mario game. Everybody want a new Galaxy or Sunshine. I wanted to see more of 3d lands style and sure enough I got my wish. 4 player co-op with players like Luigi, Peach and Toad (red toad) getting their play styles from Super Mario bros 2 USA. This Mario game looks so much fun and should be a console seller in Nov.

I just can't get Sleepwalking out of my head right now. Saving the best for last with my 2nd most anticipated game after the Last of Us. Grand Theft Auto V is looking so promising. With 4 being a disappointment to me I'm hoping 5 doesn't make the same mistake. but this is Rockstar we're talking about. Millions of people are getting this game without a doubt.

All these games So little money. I'm getting all of these titles (expect Cod Ghosts) because I thought ahead but if I only had enough for 5 plus a 3ds game.

My choices would be GTA 5, Mario 3d World, Watchdogs, Batman AO, Zelda WWHD, and Pokemon X.

Share your thoughts what would you get?