I really like being a gamer, but playing all the games in the world can take a lot out of you.As time pasts and new consoles release there are games on older consoles that you just can't get enough of and wonder what happened to them. I still play some and wish for a new version that I can play on the WiiU, Ps4 and (if I get it) Xbox1. Here are some titles I wish to play in the future.


                                                                             Crash Bandioot

In the 90's platformers were everything on a console thanks to Mario,Metriod. DK, and Sonic. Crash Bandicoot was a goofy platformer that captured my heart with it's funny deaths, excellent music, and awesome gameplay. You couldn't help but giggle when you see Crash dying by getting his pants cut off or getting whacked by a giant into the TV screech. Getting good power-ups like the useful double jump, running shoes, Super belly slam, fruit gun, and my personal favorite Tornado death spin. Right after Twinsanity the crash series lost its touch, but with Naughty Dogs doing great with games like Uncharted and The last of Us I would love to see them give this another shot.


                                                                         Kid Icarus

Let me be honest here. I really don't have that much experience with this franchise except for the NES version and Uprising. I loved Uprising and hope Nintendo can put that magic on the WiiU.


                                                                            Chrono Trigger

RPG's are my favorite genre and Chrono Trigger helped expanded that,( but Final fantasy X made me explode) Chrono Trigger was my 3rd favorite RPG on the SNES behind Mario and the seven stars and final fantasy 3. We all know the good old days of squaresoft are gone but I still like them to take a shot at this.


                                                                      Luigi's Mansion

Yeah yeah I know we just got one released, but I want one for the WiiU. Plus I would to see more of Luigi in his own games.


                                                                           Spyro the Dragon

Just many other titles that just couldn't keep up the pace Spyro the dragon fell into that bunch. Another hidden gem on the PS that I grew to love. I hope to see another Spyro game in the future.

                                                                      Yu Gi Oh

I can't believe my love for Yu Gi Oh hasn't died yet. I just can't seem to walk from it and hope Konami builds the perfect Yu Gi Oh on WiiU and Ps4/Xbox1. The gamepad would make it excellent to play on and being able to create your own character, building your deck from scratch like a fire deck or dragon/spellcaster deck. Walking around winning money or duelist points to buy more packs from the store to build the perfect deck. Battling people from all around the world. A guy can dream.


                                                             A 3d Donkey Kong Game

This has been long overdue and I wish Nintendo will hurry with making a new one. With DKTF coming out in Dec I continue to wish for a new 3d DK game but it seems Nintendo only wants to do it for Zelda, Mario, and Metriod. Come on Nintendo.

                                                                      Metal Arms

Who would have ever thought that cussing robots would be funny? Thanks to my little brother who got this game back in the Gamecube/xbox/ps2 era. I spent a full weekend LMAO at how funny the story was, how good the gameplay was, and killing my brother and cousins in the MP.  I hope somebody tries to make another title in the future.

                                                   A New Super Mario Sunshine

To me the most underrated Mario game next to Lost levels. Mario 64 was great, Sunshine evolved it, and Galaxy took it to the next level. People like to complain about it being hard, but that's what make a game good. It has to get harder as you progress. Sure it was cheap, but what games weren't? I hope after 3d World Nintendo starts to consider it.


                                                                 Baten Kaitos

My #1 game I badly want to play again is Baten Kaitos my favorite RPG games on the Gamecube.  Monslith developed it so I'm hoping after X that they would get to work on making new one. The card battle system would work perfectly on the gamepad and I'm looking forward to another great story in this series.


So those are my games I want on mostly the WiiU and Ps4. What about you hungry gamers out there. what would you guys like to see?