There are games we still play to this day. On older consoles like the NES, SNES, N64, Ps1, Ps2 gamecube, etc. With HD taking over and much prettier looking game consoles. I would love to see a couple of games from Nintendo's past remade on WiiU.

                                                            Super Castlevania IV

I for one love this series and most of the games (excluding 2) and with SOTN being my favorite and already on PSN and XboxLive.. I turn my attention to my second favorite game Super Castlevania IV. The whip wielding Simon Belmont in one of the greatest (yet still hard) adventures. Castle 1and 3 are two others I would also love to have on WiiU if Konami is willing to give Nintendo a shot.



                                      The Legend of Zelda 1 and Avdenture of Link

Come on now  Zelda fans you can't say you haven't thought of it. Playing a better version of these two games can make the whole series just perfect. Having the look of A Link to the past. Better controls,better maps, and a better look can make these as one of the best remakes ever.

                                                              Donkey Kong 64

If your not gonna release it on the VC or make a new 3d one. Then could you at least remake it and release on the WiiU? During the N64 era 3d games were everything but this,Mario 64  and Banjo Koozie and Tootie took the cake. Donkey Kong 64 was a blast to play. So many power-ups with great level design, soundtrack (the catchy intro rap) and 5 playable players including the favorite Diddy kong. This was the best DK game released.




                                                       Zelda Majora's Mask

We all know it's coming. So HURRY UP WITH IT NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!

*ahem* excuse me. Majora's mask was a more darker zelda title and captured my heart with it's touching moments and calming soundtrack. Sure the 3 day thing was annoying at first but after playing it for a while you really get the feeling of what's happening in the land of Termina. OoT got remade for the 3ds and I would love to this on it too plus the WiiU.



                                                               007  Goldeneye

I have been wanting this since the Wii era and I thought I got my wish but was sadly disappointed when it wasn't this version. Now 16 years later and I'm still hoping for a remake of this game. The single player was the best campaign I've ever played and MP was one of a kind. Still to this day is the best FPS I've ever played. Think about it 32 player matches with the old MP rules, better looking design, Pierce Brosnan.


There are many other titles I would like to see, but for now I'll focus on my top 5. What do you guys think and what titles would you like to see released?