Year after year, sports games always come out. It's something you can almost guarantee. And every year people complain about another Madden or another NBA 2k . Mainly, people don't think there is enough innovation year after year. BUT, with a new generation of consoles perhaps we can get a new generation of sports gaming. It's time for the most realistic of sports experiences from the comfort of our controllers. We need to see the inovaton and make the best sports games of all time. With a simple addition of 5 things, we can have the most realistic of sports gaming.

Even if he's not on the court anymore, Reggie still knows your deepest darkest secrets.

  1. The trash talk

Bottom of the 9th, down 2 runs, with the bases loaded, and 2 outs. It's a situation that are only for the strong willed. But then you hear something. Did you controller just make an insult about your mom? You better believe it did! With next gen controllers and built in speakers, your controller will now insult every move you make. Did you miss a wide open shot on the basketball court? Prepare to get an ear full from Lebron James when you run back on defense. Only the toughest are allowed on this field, court, etc. So toughen up you wussy and get some thicker skin. There's a lot more insults ready to be thrown your way.


I'm going to point at you really hard if you don't give me the pass interference.

  1. Where's the foul!

Remember when you were playing your friend in Madden. You threw the perfect pass right into the end zone, but then it was broken up. As your friend celebrates his victory you start to call BS on this whole game, and after an hour of watching replays you come to the conclusion that was a pass interference. Now with the touchpad you can call for the pass interference! Simply touch the pad on your controller (Will Nextbox controller have a touch screen?) and swipe up! Your wide receiver will start asking for the flag. And depending on his rating in whining he may just get it, giving you a first down. So feel free to argue that call, cause you make the millions and that guy in stripes knows it. Just make sure to give him an autograph for his kids after the game.


I'm Hit!!!!

  1. FLOP

Nothing speaks to the game of basketball more than the mere fact getting touched means you should act like you got shot or some guy just punched you. Character animations have been revamped to show the grueling demise of your point guard after someone put his pointer finger on him. Add this with the fact you can call for fouls and you can build the best team in the world. Simply act like you got kicked in the shin, then call for a foul. It's a one, two punch that is sure to bring success to any and every team.


You officially have 3 minutes to go to the bathroom

2.Commercial breaks

Nothing brings you closer to a game on TV then the commercials that happen in between all the action. In fact a lot of people only watch the Super Bowl just to see the commercials. So give the people what they want. Every time you call a time out, you are rewarded with a commercial. Add in TV timeouts, and suddenly your 20 minute game turns into a 3 hour marathon. But at least all those Nike adds will give you ample time to run into the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich.


Update! Alfanso Soriano just back from the gym +3 power. Update! Alfanso Soriano plays for the Cubs -20 in every stat

  1. Second to Second Updates!

Sports is won by seconds, and inches. Most games will update your roster once a week, but now you can get the true experience. With second to second updates, the game will do the job of literally stalking your teams athletes and updating them. Did Kevin Durant eat a burrito just a few seconds ago? Call your friend and tell them your online match between the Thunder and the T-Wolves is off. Did Kobe just tweet he got a new pair of shoes. Get on your game and own the court! Using all the latest forms of social media (Twitter, Facebook, that Scandinavian guy who lives in his basement and updates his site as Dwayne Wade) the next gen can bring you up to date on how your players are feeling every second of the day, so you know when they're ready to destroy your opponent at every point of the game