Of all the import reviews I have done up to this point, none can match the insanity that is Project X Zone. The game 3 companies, each with around 15-20 characters, and thrown into a strategy RPG. A roster bursting with many different personalities. In a way that perfectly describes this game. A game with different personalities. Some good, some bad, all Project X Zone.

The story of Project X Zone can be best described as lacking. 3 worlds are are brought together by an evil force and characters from the realm of Namco are somehow ending up in the world of Capcom & Sega. The three must band together to banish the evil! It's cliched yes, but even cliched stories can be told well. Project X Zone isn't. It takes way to many chapters to get going, and by the time anything else happens you just won't care, because it isn't all that interesting. It's amazing that a game with such a lack luster story could be so good though.

 A major part of what makes the game good comes from the characters of the game. Characters bring the game alive and keep the interest of the gamer. Watching them interact, and how they talk to people. Call me a doubter before, but Frank (Dead Rising) and Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) make an amazing team, despite being so different. Not all teams are this elaborate, but even banter between the solo characters, and even other teams can be enjoyable. The characters just seem to work together so well, despite being so different. In fact quite a few characters were so enjoyable that I really want to play the original games they were a part of.

Erica and Gemini became quick favorites of mine int the game

In terms of gameplay, Project X Zone is far different from other SRPGs. Fire Emblem was one that relies on a triangle of weapons. This means you must move to the best spots, and areas where you can have the upper hand. Instead Project X Zone relies on a different set of tactics. The game relies on how well you can figure out the game itself. You won't have any upper hands, so you have to make up for it with numbers. Using 4-5 teams to take down a boss, and taking multiple turns to do so. It can stretch out the game quite a bit. Where in Fire Emblem you can kill a unit with a single hit, if done well, Project X Zone doesn't let you do that. You are always the under dog. But that is what makes it so exciting. Using your expertise to find a way to win against higher numbers.You also have to be smart. You have to juggle enemies, use solo units, and bring in help from another team. It can be a lot to take in at times. But once perfected it can be hard to find a game that will push you so hard, and bring such a great feeling from a victory.

The other side of the sword of that though can be the difficulty of the game. If you can't figure out good tactics to figure out a way to win, it can be a very tough game. Project X Zone loves to throw enemies at you. Take a map down to 5 units, then watch in horror as that number goes up to 20. After about 15 missions though, it becomes predictable. So predictable to a point that late in the game I was actually surprised that a map might not do this, only to get it down to 1 enemy and have 3 Nemisis show up. And a later map to only have nothing but 25 boss characters. It really does come down to figuring out the best ways to take down a bunch of units. Once you figure that out it becomes a matter of time to beat the game.

The characters of Valkyria Chronicles 3 are ready for a fight.

Outside of that there are some minor annoyance. There are no stores, and items must be picked up from chest and dropped by enemies. A bit of advice, hoard items. Even a stockpile of items can dwindle in latter missions. There are also no side missions, making the game very linear. SO make sure you spread the love of leveling up. The last annoyance comes from the solo units. They can be hard to figure out, and finding them a good home amongst your teams can be time consuming. But the bigger problem is on some missions split your units, and reset the solo units. SO make sure if you find a good combination to write it down, and not forget.

Overall Project X Zone can be a pretty hard game to get into. But once you do, very few strategy games can be as rewarding. As mad as I seemed when tons of bosses appeared, I felt very happy to watch those numbers dwindle. And once I found a strategy that worked for me, the game became extremely enjoyable. Overall project X Zone is a great game that deserves the attention of strategy fans with a 3ds. For people looking to import, you can rest easy knowing an english version is coming.

Get ready to join the fight



- Characters

- Satisfying

- Test your limits of strategy

- Craziness of attacks


- can be hard to get into

- So many bosses in one level

- Linear and must hoard items


- Fanservice