It's been a while since my last import anything. It's also been a while since I've last played my most recent imported game. Tokitowa without a doubt is the most obscure title I have picked up. It isn't popular, it isn't going to sell tons of copies, and pretty much no one outside of Japan knows what the hell it is. Even though it has been slated for a US release sometime next year. But that's what I'm here for, to change all of that. Today I give you a quick look at Tokitowa's battle system. One you may find interesting.

On the left Toki on the right Towa

So what makes up Tokitowa's battle system... For starters all battles are 1v1. You, as either Toki or Towa, and you enemy. You are given 2 weapons. A rifle and a knife for close and long range. Toki (Your favorite red head) is a master with the rifle & Towa (Your favorite blonde head?) is a master with the knife. And 3 different special moves put on every face button except O. Got it? Good, because it get's much more confusing.

Dont let this happen to you

When a fight starts you and your opponent are put on 1 battlefield at 2 points. At this point you are considered ranged. Pressing O like a mad man will start spamming you rifle to do damage. However, both of you have the ability to invade the others space. Doing so will put you in close range. This is when you start pulling out the knife. All of your opponent have the ability to attack long and close range as well. As with Toki and Towa, they too have areas of expertise. Some can deal massive magic damage. Some are immune to rifle fire and must be beat close range. Other's may absorb magic and using a rifle is your only choice, because getting close means losing tons of health. This is where Tokitowa can be a really interesting game. Trying to find out how to beat your opponent is a matter of time and memorization. And knowing how to do it the best way possible makes sure your not staring at a game over screen many times.

Somtimes you just need to get up close and personal!

Of course on the flip side of offense is defense! . Much of Tokitowa's defense is dodging attacks at the right time. Of course you can use the block ( you may have to unless you are very quick on the dodge.) But most of the game is dependent on the dodge, then counter attack concept. . More than likely you'll be spending most of your battle jumping out of the way to dodge attacks. Sometimes though you have to pick the lesser of two evils. A certain enemy may be able to hit you at the tail end of a dodge as you come back. Or you can take less damage for a major attack with a block. It's times like this where you must decide which one is giving you less damage, because for some reason you can't just straight up dodge everything.

The last part of Tokitowa is time. Time is a very rare ability you gain only a few times through out the game. So far the ones I have give me the ability to go back in time. Which is pretty self explanatory. And speed up my character. This can be helpful when chaining together major strings of attacks, but also when fighting an enemy who gives you very little time to attack. These are some of your best abilities in battle, and can only be used sparingly.

Of course there is more that goes into Tokitowa's battle system. But even after a few battles this great wall of text will seem very simple. Of course a lot more goes into how good a game is, and this is only one part of a whole game. That said expect an Import Review sometime in the near future!