With Tales of Xillia being released right round the corner it's time to start getting excited. (is next year considered right around the corner?). But that doesn't mean it's to early to start planning out your teams and who you'll be playing as in the next entry of the Tales series.... Or if nothing else just get to know these characters are, and get more excited. As with previous Import Previews (Sorry that should be singular but it sounds better with an "S" at the end) no spoilers will be given. Or at least not intentionally given. Also this is only part 1 with a serious Import Preview (Subject to change without notice) and the next Import Review on it's way on a later date. So without further ado lets see who you'll be traveling with in Tales of Xillia.

Okay I lied before we start you should know this. Unlike previous tales games this game revolves around 2 main protagonists, and you must select 1 at the beginning of the game. Since this is my first play through of the game I can't say for certain, but at points the 2 of you separate for small portions of the game. This leads me to believe that whoever you pick to start out as is who you'll be playing at these points. (that's what's been happening so far, but it may just be a required thing) I'll make sure I know for certain in the full written review.

Milla Maxwell

Milla is certainly one of the more interesting main characters of the Tales games I've met. In fact she is becoming one of my more liked characters throughout the series. She has good background that's interesting, but also in her fighting style as well. When I first started the game I picked Milla as my main story arc choice. Upon first glance I figured she has a sword, she probably fights like Yuri, or Lloyd. Not quite, While she does use her sword what makes Milla special is the fact she can use magic artes too. Not only that but she does not need to wait for them to go off like previous magic users in the game. This means you can slash away at people and end it with a spell completing a devastating combo. This makes her an interesting choice as a character because she has very diverse attacks.

Jude Mathis

Okay this is the other main character. I just want to say this, we all complain about the whiney male protagonist from games like this, right? I WISH Jude was like that. Jude's problem is he can't seem to stand to be a second away from Milla. He's like that crazy girlfriend who calls you every 10 minutes asking what you're doing. I don't care what reasons that game gives me for his personality, I hate him as a character.... But, Jude is a totally different story on the battlefield. Jude has one of the higher attack powers and the top speed. He's very up close and personal fighting hand to hand. However, his true power lies in his dodging ability. If you perfectly jump back and dodge an enemy attack you appear behind them. This allows you to go crazy, and if you're good enough some battles you may never be hit. The only downside is if you come into a group of enemies he can only do this to the targeted enemy. He's not as diverse as Milla but he can hold his own and in the hands of a good player be very hard to kill.

Elise Lutus

Elise is going to be your money thief throughout the game. I say this because she's a hybrid of Estelle and Rita. She has some of the strongest Offensive spells in the game, and the best area healing spells in the game. She also has little problem using all of them in a very short time meaning you will run out of orange jell quick. However, she's one of the bigger helps as well. Elise is seemingly a master at Healing people. She also has a tendency to want to rush in and attack even if she hasn't run out of Tech Points (TP) yet, so it may be best to switch this as soon as possible. She is certainly one of the weaker characters in the game, but the help she bring to the field is immeasurable. Also note that unlike Milla, Elise must wait to use spells.

Rowen J. Ilbert

To me, Rowen is one of the hardest characters to figure out. He uses a sword, he can use magic. In a way he sounds like Milla. (though like Elise he also must charge up spells) But he's just so different. Milla is more single target spells, Rowan can do that and area target spells. He also has more artes tied into his sword, where Milla is more Magic based. Rowen though is a master of Dexterity, meaning his power comes from his artes. He boast some of the more powerful artes in the game. However, most of his other stats tend to suffer. He doesn't have a lot of health, he's not very quick, making him a challenge to use. However, people who love using artes as a means to pull of big combos may want to look to Rowen to help.

Leia Rolando

Leia is awesome! Okay so here's the thing about Leia, she's a training nurse. Now that would make me feel that perhaps her healing abilities would be best in the game. However they are not. Leia can only heal single targets, as opposed to Elise who can heal an area. They're also just not as good anyway. So what's Leia Specialty? Honestly it's that she's not bad at anything. Her specialty is defense but she has one of the higher attack, and speed stats in the game as well. This makes her a very good choice and a very even choice across the boards. Her weapon is also a staff giving her some fairly good range. In short Leia is one of the best characters statistic wise in the game. She's also kind of fun to use.


ALVIN! So what is Alvin? He is simply the tank. Up in your face, large amounts of damage, high health, etc. Alvin is probably one of the more simpler characters to figure out in the game. Despite using a sword AND a gun (not a gunblade) he doesn't like pulling that out unless you're a few hits into combos or for a select few of his artes. His stat of choice is power, and the easiest way to use him is to just run up and start hacking away with your sword and using artes. If you love "that tank" character of RPGs than Alvin is right up your alley, but he is certainly the least diverse of all the characters.