I didn’t always listen to cool music (and some would argue I still don’t).  But that all changed when I was thrown into a public high school after attending 9 years of Catholic grade school (K-8).  There was this “new” form of music to me… it was called “hardcore punk”.  It came from small record labels, told me to hate America, was printed on vinyl, and completely captivated me.  The sound was rough, the message was harsh, and the stigma was that of a trouble maker… I loved it.

I poured over all sorts of bands, but especially those in the Crack Rock Steady: a collection of anarchical America hating individuals responsible for Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, INDK, Morning Glory, and a few others, as well as bands sympathetic to the cause such as No-Cash and Team Spider.

But when you stop being 15 and realize that the world is full of mean scary people who think differently from you, the ultimate message of bringing down capitalism, hanging Bush as a war criminal, and being ashamed of your county die pretty hard.  So what remains then of the music I used to listen too?

I now have to judge it on raw musical talent and entertainment value of course.

So today I am going to talk about the two sympathizers: No-Cash and Team Spider, two of my favorite punk bands from high school that still warrant an occasional listen by me from their excellent 1999 split Summer Time in the City.

Now if two bands would ever be considered the odd couple when they released their split album in 1999, it would be No-Cash and Team Spider.  While probably sharing similar wayward political beliefs, their music was vastly different.  No-Cash was a strait up hardcore punk band most similar to the Crack Rock Steady: the sound was rough and they took their influences from Hardcore, Death Metal, Ska, Crust, Sludge, and even Hip-hop.  Their message was just as unapologetic: violence against the state, down with Christianity, and death to authority.

Team Spider on the hand is mild in sound, reserved in political out lash, and has more in common (musically) with a band like the Descendents.  They did posses a very interesting gimmick though; one of their band members was the 80 year old Zak who contributed to band by spoken word and 50’s beatnik styled rhyme and poem.  I would describe them as being a much more “fun” band and one that I feel most of my readers will enjoy a lot more than No-Cash.  But I will let you be the judge of that.

So here is No-Cash’s Annihilation of the Nation:

And here is Team Spider’s Corporate Trash official music video (Originally done by Chocking Victim and now with a melody that is very reminiscent of A-Ha’s Take on Me).  You will actually get to see Zak!