so who's excited about GOW 3? i know i am! and to help get more pumped i went ahead and played through 1 and 2 again, but this time remastered in HD! oh baby, taking down a cyclops never looked so good.

for those of you who don't know anything about the God of War games, the story revolves around the character Kratos, "the Ghost of Sparta" wielding the insanely cool Blades of Chaos, you charge head first through this game tearing apart and taking down anyone or anything that stands in your way. this includes all sorts of creatures and characters from Greek mythology. now i'm sure that most of you have heard this all before or at least know enough about the game that i don't have to go into very much detail, but if you haven't, then you are probably not a real gamer and i need you to do me a big favor. get out of your chair, go in the bathroom and take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself, "why haven't i played these games yet?"

having already beaten both games on the PS2 when they originally came out, plot twists and gameplay were nothing new for me. i looked forward to replaying these great games just as much as i looked forward to playing through them the first time. the best part was, i got trophies for it this time! it feels good being rewarded for scouring the levels for those gorgon eyes and feathers of the phoenix. oh sure, having extra health and magic points is important too, but now i have trophies that say i did it and everyone can see it on my PSN ID! w00t!

alright, so aside from the added trophies, most people are probably wondering if the look of the game really improved all that much or if there is some kind of huge bonus feature that you don't get from the original games. the short answer the long answer is, no, BUT the cut scenes look kick ass on a 52" LCD flat screen TV. so, would i recommend buying the pack? again, i'm going to need you to answer that one for yourself. so go back in the bathroom and look in the mirror and ask yourself  "do i really love showing off my trophies as awards for my hard work and dedication as a true gamer? or can i live with the satisfaction of still knowing that i beat both games and will get trophies in the third game anyway?" if you haven't picked these games up yet, it's a definite must for action adventure lovers. the action is raw and unrelenting, the plot is intense and unique, and the replay value is clearly very high. fortunately, i got this as a gift so i didn't have to ask myself anything :P