so after owning the game for about...4 or 5 years, i finally decided that i needed to beat the *** thing. when i first purchased the game i got all the way to the last  boss and tried several times to beat him but it seemed impossible. now that i'm a little more older, a little more wiser (but not much) and a lot better at games and strategy, i took it on one more time. starting from the beginning of course. and so, after about 6 or 7 hours of actual gameplay, i beat it. it was a breeze to say the least. and i should have done it a lot sooner.

now, it seems silly for me to review this game and give it a rating since it's very old news and we're already talking about DMC5 (which is suppose to be in development and will hopefully be revealed at E3 2010) but i will say this. aside from the cheesy dialogue and the poorly animated cut scenes, this is a great game all around. it's challenging, fun, action packed, and there's lots of variety. new moves, new weapons, new items, new enemies, new bosses. and even though i breezed through it this last time, it's only because i was on normal mode and i had already gone through the majority of the game before. if you've never played any of the DMC games before, i highly recommend that you do. i plan on going through the rest soon. i've beaten 4, but i'm really interested in 2 and 3.

just a side note, if you can get a hold of the anime that was never released here in the states, i highly recommend it to any of you anime lovers. it's only 12 episodes, but each one has plenty of action and a very creative plot line.