[Update 2] In my last re-post of this blog, I reviewed Luigi's mansion (page 3), which was a nearly perfect game that was hindered by one major flaw (at least for me). In this update I review Metroid Prime, (page 4) which has been on my list of "most anticipated games" for a very long time now. Does it live up to expectations? I don't know. Go check page 4! :D


[Update 1] After undertaking this new side challenge, it wasn't long before I decided to start adding updates to this blog in the form of reviews. I understand that some of these games might be around ten years old or so, but I felt that it'd be fun to give my opinion on these classics. So without further adieu I give you my first set of reviews for anything ever.


[Original Post] I've said before that gaming runs deep in my family. My mom is a die hard fan of Zelda, as she own's and has played every Zelda title that has been released to date. She force fed it to me and my siblings, and raised a bunch of little Hyrulian minions. Then my dad is a multiplayer addict, and has a collection consisting of nothing but shooters. He's also the one who I discovered Halo alongside. My house growing up was littered with consoles, and T.V.'s in each room. They were very open to the concept of gaming, as it often brought the family together. 

But, unfortunately they were good parents and they put a limit on our gaming tribe. Each person got one new game every two months (not counting Christmas). That's 6 games a year, and seeing as how we had every major console dating back to the NES, that made things difficult as far as decisions go. 

The console's that I personally owned were the original Xbox, a Playstation 2, and a Gamecube. I was the only member of our family two own all three last generation consoles, and that's because my younger self got smart one Christmas and asked for all three consoles from different parts of my family. Keep in mind that I also owned a Game Boy Color and Advanced. 

Of course an issue arose for little Hannibal. 6 games a year meant that I had to choose my games VERY wisely seeing as how I had four consoles. I hoarded the Pokemon and Halo releases, as well as the Mario and Zelda games. I also jumped on every Kingdom Hearts release that hit the shelves. I was able to build a very strong Xbox, and PS2 collection, but my GameCube got left fluttering in the wind.

But just a couple of days ago I journeyed back to my home way out in the countryside and looked in our shed where we stored all of the old stuff, and stumbled across my GameCube. See, I've added a new ability to my skill tree as of late, and it's called money. With this "money" ability, I am now able to visit all of the GameCube games that I missed out on, and make my inner child happy. Even though Sleeping Dogs releases next week, and we're entering the busy Fall, I'm going to direct as much attention to my GameCube as possible. After visiting a local Video Game store that sells video games, and consoles dating back to the NES, I was able to add on to my GameCube library and set the stage for the next year. Here's what I've got.


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