For the most part I'd say that I'm a fairly busy person. I honestly have too many hobbies to juggle between, ranging from Comics, to Video Games, and a combination of a couple mediums would serve some serious justice for me. Well I got to thinking, what if there were more attempts to adapt T.V. shows to video games? Sure it's been done. Game of Thrones, Man vs Wild, and Lost have all seen adaptations, but none of them have been any good really.

What if a big name studio like Irrational, or Bethesda, or something took up the rights to a video game based on a T.V. show? How would it turn out? Well if I could choose a few games that I'd more than love to play, it'd be the ones listed below.


River Monsters - Gotta Catch Em' All!

Imagine that you're Jeremy Wade, host of River Monsters, and you're floating down the Amazon River in a boat that was cut from a tree not even five feet in diameter. The walls that would normally exist to keep you from falling into the water are less than a foot high, and you are mere inches from the water. You're floating the river because you're looking for something. A rare fish that is called a man eater by the locals. It is the equivalent of a dragon as far as proof of its existence goes, and you're here to make history. 

In my opinion this sounds like a Pokemon title. In the Pokemon games, you're hunting down rare Pokemon to add to your Pokedex (a device used to detail researched Pokemon) and to add power to your party. Well a River Monsters game could basically work the same way. You travel the world as Jeremy Wade fishing in the most dangers rivers, searching for rare and fearsome fish. The more common fish that you catch attribute a little bit to your fame, but the more rare and fearsome raise your fame immensely. Also the game would have a ton of fairly intense moments. I mean Wade caught a Bull Shark once...


Futurama - Fry Vas Normandy

You play as Fry. The goofy, and eccentric Planet Express delivery boy who travels the galaxy with a random cast of supporting characters. Now stick that equation into the Mass Effect formula. You travel the galaxy that we've come to know in the Futurama universe - amazon planets and all - and you've got a hilarious space opera that the player can immerse themselves in. Instead of being instantly attractive to his crew mates, Fry is an every man, and his attempts at picking up the ladies would be a riot.

You would be able to explore the entirety of Planet Express, and it's cargo ship. You could build parties that consist of the likes of Bender, and Zoidberg, and each member would have their own class based abilities and perks, and you could choose different skill trees that fit your play style for Fry. It'd basically be a giant parody of Mass Effect with a third person perspective and all.


Adventure Time - Skyrim Edition

Now we have one of my favorite shows of all time, and an idea that was mentioned by Pendalton Ward (creator of Adventure Time) himself when he spoke of ideas for an Adventure Time game. There is actually an Adventure Time title in the works at the moment titled, "Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!?", but this is the next level. Imagine yourself exploring the world of Ooo, as Finn, with Jake trotting alongside you. It'd have a third person perspective, and have the humor and randomness of it's T.V. show counterpart.

Of course you'd have Jake and his abilities to assist you throughout the game, but you'd also be able to pick up other companions along the way like Marceline, and Tree Trunks, who would lend their own special abilities. You'd be able to fully explore this insanely weird world, and visit places like the Candy Kingdom, and Finn and Jake's tree house, and of course go on epic adventures. I'm actually kind of ticked that this hasn't been approved yet...


Mad Men - N. Y. Noire

If you've watched Mad Men yourself, you'd know that it's a show that involves a lot of talking and A LOT of deceit, At first glance you wouldn't think a game could be based on the show, but I beg to differ. You start off a struggling young addition to Sterling Cooper, and must work your way up through the ranks, all while dealing with the many affairs, and betrayals that come with being an advertising executive.

Also don't forget that you'll be working under Don Draper. You'll be going to swanky parties, and be forced to sit through intense, but inspiring yell sessions. Also the entirety of New York would be open for exploration, as you get to drive from place to place picking up new clients, and visiting other characters. Also you'll be able to choose who you marry, and when, and also you'll be able to choose whether or not you cheat. You'll have to go through meetings with your clients and you'll have an optional conversation wheel that you use to reel in said client. You build your own reputation and you take down who you must.


Breaking Bad -  Cooking Mama Meets Grand Theft Auto

This was my personal favorite of this list. You play this one form multiple perspectives. Your main three would be Walter, Jesse and Hank. Of course you'd play as Mike here and there so you could have your awesome but funny action scenes. Once again you have an open world set up for you. Instead of some city with towering buildings, and cement as far as the eye can see, you're in New Mexico, which is the site of the show. It could be a retelling of the show, or something much more. There's a LOT of unexplored time between Walter and Jessie's rise to power and their beginning that the game could be played within. 

But now for the element that would make the game stand out...the cooking. It'd play out like any other cooking simulation. You have your ingredients, and instructions, and you essentially play through interactive cooking sequences. Mess up a batch and you either get an explosion, or you face a new plot thread involving an unhappy customer. Of course you'd have to take care of them yourself.


I had a ton of other ideas, but some weren't as developed as others, and didn't really warrant a spot on the list. There are also other titles in the works as of late, as the Walking Dead has gotten the episodic treatment on Xbox Live which has released to great success, so we know that a good T.V. show based game can be done. There's also a Walking Dead FPS on the horizon that a bunch of people are looking forward to. 

It's always interesting to see a new take on a T.V. show, movie, book, or comic in the gaming industry but the whole adaptation thing hasn't met much success. I'm quite positive that the titles listed above will never happen, but a guy can dream right? What adaptation would you like to see in the future?


I pulled all pictures from google. None were my creation.