It's been seven years since they all died. Every last hero. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash, to name a few. The great war that had been fought for the soul of our universe ended in a stalemate. Lex Luthor was defeated by Batman in a hand to hand brawl. Of course Lex didn't stand a chance without his suit, which Superman managed to destroy. 

It wasn't long after Superman destroyed the suit, before he was overrun by Apocalypse and his army of freaks. Batman and Wonder Woman held them off as long as they could before they fell beneath the weight of the Universe's ultimate army. Then there was Flash.

He found me. He was sprinting around Gotham, doing everything in his power to save who he could. I was just firing off sparks at the time. Making the hair of an alley cat stand, and electrifying unlucky passerby who stepped into a puddle. I've been able to fire off electricity for as long as I can remember. But it was Flash who taught me how to use it.

It wasn't long before Flash was overrun also though. And he left his suit to me. He felt that the symbol was "fitting" and dubbed me as Jolt. Jolt the Master of Thunder. Master isn't a strong enough word. I can run on streams of electricity faster than the human eye can follow, and can summon a bolt of lightening to bolster a jaw destroying punch. 

I don't know where my loyalty lies. There have been new heroes, and new villains who have risen over the years. Each one as powerful and unique as the last. In fact it's hard to find someone who doesn't have some sort of super power nowadays. Anyways...I'm not just rambling for pointless reasons. Last week something happened.

I came across an indestructible man. He didn't have any super human strength, or super speed, or even super intellect. He was a normal man...who just so happened couldn't be harmed. He neither felt pain, nor did he show any signs of damage. His powers made it so that he couldn't age anymore. Apparently he just developed these powers...this...curse. And now he's stuck at his young age.

The thing is...he's gone mad with power. Because of his pain and destruction tolerance, he can punch through a walls, and deliver punches that shake a man to his core. I've never considered myself to have an enemy...but he was certainly a candidate.

I was gliding through the city on my wave of lightning, when I saw him. He was beating a citizen into the ground, and laughing the entire time. While I'm not one for heroics, I just couldn't stand by and watch. So I sprung into action.

I hurled two bolts at him and he simply shrugged them off. Then when I was gliding in to deliver a punch backed by a powerful lightning bolt, he simply stopped me, and proceeded to beat me senseless. When I awoke, a different man was standing over me. Le Hannibal.

Le Hannibal, is a leach. He sucks the life from those he chooses, as long as he's within a decent range of them. Although I can't define decent, as I've seen him drain a heroes powers from across a city block. I didn't dare move.

"I saw it you know." Hannibal said dryly.

"There was nothing to see." I said with an equal lack of moisture.

"I beg to differ. It was quite the show. There was a little lightning show and then...bam. All over." Hannibal was smiling now.

"I don't have time for this." I mumbled, pushing myself to my feet. I didn't care if he leached my powers. I needed to find that man right then.

"He took off. And you can't defeat him." Hannibal stated, more than likely reading me by the look on my face. "You know, the outfit is a little dorky." He then said of my Flash outfit.

I got up and began walking away, until..."You can't defeat him without me."

Hannibal is right...he could drain the man's powers and then I could fry him until he's nothing but a memory. I'd be dumb not to accept this offer. I guess I'm not a very smart person.

"No thanks." I shot back.

"Looks like you don't have a choice...guess who's back."

I wheeled around in time to be knocked backwards onto the pavement.

The man spoke in a booming voice, "You survived?"

Still registering my surroundings after that devastating punch, I began to survey the landscape. Le Hannibal was smiling again. "What..." I sputtered out to him.

"You need my help?" Hannibal asked, trying his best to sound disinterested.

Before I could give my answer, Hannibal was sent flying backwards into a moving car. He's okay. He probably leached the blow from the impact. But before I could verify my hypothesis, I was being picked up and hurled through a nearby window.

He sprang forward, and unleashed a storm of fists on me. I did my best to block, but his inability to feel pain - or feel in general - made my efforts futile. Then the energy began to drain from me, and my assailant's blows began to slow down and soften, before finally coming to a stop. I uncovered my face and saw the Man hunched over. Knowing that, that was my chance, I unleashed all remaining energy in my body, into his motionless form, and he became a charred remnant of what he used to be.

Hannibal stepped forward, with his hand outstretched, and asked, "Learn anything buddy?"

I sat still for awhile before answering, and then spat out, "Team work, is key. I can't handle this world alone."

Hannibal smiled as I took his hand and he helped me up. The two of us stood in place pondering what came next. When suddenly he asked, "And?"

Then I spoke the words I knew were there all along...they rang through my very being, and brought out the feelings I had felt all along but was too afraid to acknowledge. And so, with finality, I spoke these words...and answered Hannibal's question...


"Batman is awesome. You were right."

Then Hannibal gave Jolt an incredible brotacular hi five, before the two of them jogged off into the distance humming The Chant from the Dark Knight Rises trailer.