After watching the Halo 4 trailer while also watching Batman Begins, something dawned on me: Batman and the Master Chief are pretty much one in the same.

Pictured: Space Marine


WAIT! Before you scroll down and insult my mother hear me out. I've thought extensively about them both, and while there are major differences between the two, you'll see that they're incredibly relatable. Look closely as I elaborate.

Batman is a crime fighter who is grounded to Earth (most of the time) and ultimate protector of Gotham City. The Master Chief is a space marine, who fought a war against a genocidal collection of alien species' known as the Covenant. While you could point out that the two differ completely, here is where they are the same. 

They are two highly trained individuals with limitless power who bind themselves to a code of morals. Batman will not take a life. Master Chief lives to protect. 

As much as Batman wants to kill the Joker, he never will. Whether it's because of his strict code of ethics, or because he can't be Batman without the Joker, he will never perform the act. If the Master Chief were to come home to Earth and retire, he would be a celebrated hero, who could have literally anything he wanted. But Chief never will because he feels his sole purpose is to protect his people so they can live that way.

Although they are powerful, and could have the love and affection of all that they protect, one thing remains certain: They're both cursed souls. Batman can never quit his way of life. If he retires he will be unhappy watching his city crumble under the weight of the nightmarish villains who dwell there. But if he continues crime fighting, he will be forever unhappy because he can never settle down, or have a real family, because they will always be unsafe. No matter what he wants, he is cursed to wear the cowl that he brought upon himself. 

Then there's the Master Chief. He's tirelessly been trained his entire life as a tool to the UNSC. He fought during the Civil Wars that were fought between the human colonies. He was there during the fall of Reach. He was there when the Covenant invaded Earth. He manged to defeat the armies, with the help of the Elites, and his fellow Marines. But although he had help you can never deny that he was the sole reason that the humans lived past the war. Even though he won; even though he finally had a shot at a well deserved rest, he refused a life of peace, and chose to protect. As he floated out in space he answered a question that many fans had been asking throughout the series. "What will the Chief do when it's all over?" The answer is: Sleep until he's needed again. 

Neither of these heroes had a choice. Master Chief was kidnapped at an early age and forced into the military. Batman's parents were tragically gunned down before his eyes, laying down his future before him. Even though they were thrust into their lives, it's their actions that make them similar. They chose to continue on. Batman continues to wear the cowl, seeking something that can only be found within. While Master Chief, refuses to put down the gun, seeking something that can never be found. 

What they search for is peace with themselves. Neither can live out the rest of their lives, knowing that they gave up their battle. They have to fight on, no matter what the cost is. They sacrifice themselves so that others don't have to. They know that they will never be happy, but even if they never find that peace within themselves, they know they will find peace in knowing that they did everything for those who will have the chance to find it. The title "Hero" could never do them justice, because they are both much more. Like Commissioner Gordon said in The Dark Knight, "He's the hero Gotham deserves, but doesn't need right now." When Master Chief isn't needed, he will always sleep until he is. Even when their struggle is over, they still have a battle to fight. And no matter how many lives they save, they always will. 

*A final note* I've got a challenge for the G.I. community. I want you guys to compare two heroes/villains, as I've just done. I'm really interested in what you guys have got. Thanks for reading.