I was cleaning up recenlty and found these little nugget's and a rush of Nostalgia came over me.



This was given out to people that joined Capcoms Fighter Clug during the Dreamcast days. Capcom was a huge supporter of the Dreamcast and I have a lot, if not all, of Capcom's games for the Dreamcast.

There were points that were on the back of the Instruction manual that looked like this.


You could then turn those points in for swag. This got me to thinking. Why do game companies no longer do this?

I got some pretty cool swag with the points. I got a watch, a shirt, and a few other cool little things and it was neat to receive something that I would enjoy, for doing what I enjoy.

But how would a game company handle that type of promotion now with both a digital and physical copy of a game? Look at Club Nintendo. I really enjoy getting the rewards that they offer for buying games that I would buy anyway. Nintendo sometimes offers more points for downloading a game than buying the physical copy. I, however, buy physical copies....I love to hold what I buy..

Nintendo has some neat little rewards for gold and platinum members. I just recently got the 2014 calender offered to Gold Reward Members, and it is a neat little piece of gaming history.

Game companies need to do this more for the fans. It gives a sense of belonging to a certain gaming era. This lets a little piece of cloth or plastic bring back some great memories that we gamers always hold close.