In Game Informer's March Issue, they gave Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a 9.5. That's a pretty great score, right? WRONG. In comparison to Modern Warfare 2, which recieved a 9.75, it's a terrible, demeaning score.

I don't know about the campaign for BC2, but I know the multiplayer is the most addictive multiplayer I've played yet. I've spent 17 hours on the demo, which features one stage and one game type, and I'm still going strong.

I'm sure the campaign can't be as bad as MW2: BOREFEST.

I don't think the problem with the review is BC2's score, but Modern Warfare 2's score. Bertz had at least 5 negatives about the game, including saying the campaign is the weakest part of the game.

I agree.

Modern Warfare 2 needs to be a 9.25 or lower.

I honestly think the problem with the review scores is that Game Informer Magazine is scared of some Call of Duty fanboy assassinating the reviewer in question. You' re scared.