I was finally able to finish The Last of Us over the weekend, and I must say it's been a very unique experience to play. I think that in itself is saying something since I've been playing games for over 25 years. The final hour or so of the game has me wondering how other people felt and played it out. Please be fairly warned there are tremendous spoilers below. Please don't continue if you haven't played the game. You owe it to your gamer self to play it on your own.

Here are some pretty screenshots to let you think your decision to scroll over. Oh, and apologies if someone's already gone over all this and I'm late to the party.

You're sure you're ready? One more chance.

Okay, I hope you've finished the game.

Spoilers start here!


Here are the three questions I have for you. I'll put them first and give my own experience below.

1. How did you play out the final scene in the operating room?

2. What were your thoughts on the ending? Were you satisfied with it? What didn't you like? Was it effective?

3. How long did you let Joel and Ellie watch the giraffes?


1. I shot all 3. I was actually surprised to find out you had a choice here. I usually try and play the good guy if possible, so maybe it speaks to how deeply invested I was in Joel's character that I just assumed he would see her on the table and then take them all out. I didn't go so far as some that I've heard pulled out the flamethrower or molotov though.

2. The thing that sticks with me the most is that his essentially betraying humanity isn't as hard for me to handle as his betrayal of Ellie's trust. As a parent I get his decision to save her. Nothing is worth risking your child and lets face it, at this point Ellie is his "baby girl". This is his chance to save his daughter, where he couldn't before. I can even justify the scene with Marlene at the end. She placed herself firmly as a threat to Ellie in Joel's eyes. That she is an apologetic one is besides the point. The lie, though? That was fear of losing her played out in a big way. The only consolation I have is that they make it visibly the hardest thing Joel does in the game. No flinching when he kills people, even defenseless ones, but lying to your "daughter's" face made him squirm. He hesitates, and reaches for the watch that his daughter gave him so long ago to remind himself why he's doing this. And as for Ellie's response. I think she's totally on to him. You don't ask some one to swear they aren't lying unless you already know they are. And in that last moment she decides he's worth staying with, and sets it aside. Overall it was a powerful ending and took me a while to come to terms with.

3. I'm not going to lie, I went and got a drink and left them leaning on that roof for a good 5-10 minutes, it was my favorite scene in the whole game.