I loved every minute of E3, even Nintendo's piece. I've been playing games since I was 3 years old. That's the time I started reading, and that when I started playing games, so I have over 20 years of gaming experience. 

That being said, this year's E3 was great. A lot of cool reveals, the slugfest between Sony and Microsoft (it's no secret I'm a Sony boy), and the presentation. I was blow away by reveals like The Division, The Crew(even though I don't play racing games, I gotta admit that one looked good!), and Super Smash Bros. I also loved the demos of Watch Dogs, The Division, AC4, and Destiny demos. Dragon Age: Inquisition is on my radar as well.

My favorite part of E3 came when Ubisoft came around with the Watch Demo, and The Division's demo. Those are day one purchases, in my opinion. Tom Clancy games are great, and watch Dogs is effin' amazing. Also, I liked how Microsoft revealed some exclusives. Titanfall is the main one that comes to mind. 

There were some low points. Microsoft's reluctance to address the concerns of the fans. They may have earned the ire of many a gamer that night. Also, the tone that Microsoft had just felt kind of off. Also, the price for that system is simply unreasonable.

There were many high points, though. As I've said before, I loved Ubisoft's and Sony's press conferences. Sony is going all in on their commitment to gaming. I also liked some of the services that BOTH Microsoft and Sony will provide. The Dark Sorcerer trailer was funny, and if you haven't watched the whole thing, you should do so. Final Fantasy XV(Versus) and Kingdom Hearts 3 were HUGE for Square-Enix. That was a big part of the show for me. Super Smash Bros. reveal was great, and the addition of MegaMan is excellent.(I loves me some MM!) The Pokemon games were well presented, too.

All and all, this years E3 was excellent, had some lows, but more highs than anything. If you are a gamer, there was plenty to like from all sides.