Oh nostalgia, we all feel it at some point. I'll admit I probably feel it slightly more then the next guy, but what can I say I'm proud of where I come from. I got to thinking about those games that ruled my childhood, and in turn created the gamer that I am today. I'm proud to present a list of the ten games that had an astound effect on me in my younger years. Off we go.


10) Super Mario Bros.- NES

Ever heard of this one? Well if your a gamer I certainly hope so considering that in many ways this title alone saved video games as a whole. It is true that I have waivered from Nintendo in these past few years, but they are certainly where I got my start. This game was a goldmine. It didn't matter who's house I went to as a child, the chances of playing this game were very high. I've since upgraded from dying off early and watching my brother continue through the game with out me, but those are some times I will always remember.


9) Sonic the Hedghog- Genesis


I wasn't fortunate enough to actually own a Genesis back in the day, but plenty of my friends did. Needless to say eventually I discovered the fast paced action of this platformer, and I was changed forever. From the soundtrack to the (at the time) amazing aesthetics, this game easily made an impression on my tiny mind. This game taught me the importance of a well timed jump, and is solely responsible for my current hatred of underwater levels. Sonic has since to speed out of our minds due to a slew of "bad" games over the years, but he was definitely in my corner in the beginning.


8) Pokémon Silver- GBC


Still a major hit in gaming today, Pokémon seems to have been around for most of my life. Sadly I must admit I haven't hunted for Pocket Monsters since this title came out, but I played that game to death.....and I'm talking AA batteries here. This game proved over and over again that a simple idea can just be fun, and sometimes that's all a game needed to be. Throw in the fact that you could trade your pets to friends, and in turn battle each other for glory made this game a must have for me and my friends. Not to mention the never ending quest to.....well.....catch em' all.


7) Halo: Combat Evolved- Xbox


I don't really think I have to say much about this game. It changed FPS as a whole and blew all of us away in the process. I remember the first time I got to drive the Warthog, do you? As if the game itself wasn't good enough, competitive multiplayer is where this title shined brighter then the sun. Many a living room were full of friends shoulder to shoulder watching the carnage ensue all the while waiting for their turn. I have to admit that this game helped to form my version of trash talking that will still occasionally come out in me. Just remember, it's all in good fun. "Game Over".


6) Metal Gear Solid- Playstation


Once again I have to speak about a ground changing game, and Metal Gear Solid is worthy of that title. Tactical espionage action is what this game boasted and oh boy did it deliver. I had never played a game like it before, but that never waivered me from enjoying it to the fullest. I was easily sucked into the world and the story of Solid Snake. The run and gun, and or the stalking the shadows gameplay was fresh and completely satisfying. Also the fact that it was overly mature for my age just made me feel cool for playing it. This game also showed me that story telling could take the front row. A great starting point to a series I would learn to adore in the following years.


5) Mario 64- N64


This game.....well, blew my fragile little mind. This title took the idea of a 3d platformer and just b*tch slapped it. Never before was a character capable of so many stylish moves. The game itself was simple, being nothing more then a glorified scavenger hunt for precious stars. The several different worlds waiting to be discovered along the journey kept me sucked in just wanting to know what could come next. The soundtrack couldn't have been more addicting either. The fact that this was a game that me and my brother both had to work at to complete easily makes it a staple of my childhood. I know it doesn't seem fair to put Mario on this list twice, but alas, it's more then worthy of it.


4) Goldeneye- N64


This title has been said to be the start of competitive multiplayer, and I have to agree. First things first though, the single player was just addicting. Racing through several different settings blowing bad guys away with a variety of weaponry took quite a long time to get old. The character's death animations were a new addition to gaming and just flipping hilarious. After countless hours of single player eventually me and my friends discovered the glory of the heated multiplayer. Four people running around a small bullet fueled environment made for countless hours of entertainment for years. This game was easily the first real defining FPS of my gaming life, and I'm proud to say that it still has a special place in my heart. Just remember, Oddjob is off limits.


3) Resident Evil 2- N64


This was my first brush with the coveted survival horror series, and immediately I was hooked. Never before had I ever feared the potential threat of what just might be lurking around that next corner. This game always got my heart racing in the absolute best way possible. Killing monsters was great, but this game made me think, and really hard. The puzzles presented a slightly different challenge then I had been accustomed to in the past, and took some readjusting as a gamer. I'd also have to say that this game is a reason I still check every nook and cranny in anything I play today. An amazing installment in a beloved series of mine, I'm grateful I decided to take a trip to Racoon City on that fateful night.


2) Grand Theft Auto III- PS2


I'll admit, I was much to young to play this game when it came out, but I played it anyway. Murder, mayhem, betrayal, and bad language were just a few of the maturities this game boasted, and my young mind soaked it up like a sponge. Not to worry though, I always knew it was just a game. This game taught me how to drive, recklessly at first, but eventually that turned into a smooth technique. No lane is better then the middle one. The soundtrack is truly what stuck with me the most. From rap to techno to the absolutely amazing Chatterbox FM, this game is the reason I still turn down the sound effects and crank up the music. GTA III easily became a favorite in my group of friends, and is an amazing installment if not the pioneer of the sandbox genre.

"When laughing vampires dance, feel the voodoo curse".


1) Conker's Bad Fur Day- N64


Favorite game ever. Just thought I'd throw that out there. This game was much to mature for my age, and my father even questioned me after it's purchase, when a co-worker told him about it's ugly profound truths. He let me keep it, thankfully. This game was just overly vulgar in a cynically hilarious way, strangely enough much like my sense of humor. This game had quite a few nods to other beloved mediums as well, which only added to my love for it. The multiplayer was just amazing and quickly became the groups favorite past time. I swear if I could get a readout of that cartridge we easily would have over a thousand hours on it. This game has had the crown of my favorite game since I first played it, and honestly nothing else I've ever played has ever come close.


That's it, my childhood in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong, there were several other games I played, but growing up, these ten were the ones I always found my way back to. I think that's enough nostalgia for now, perhaps I got you remembering your earlier years. That's not a bad thing though.....


As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Oh, and Happy New Year!


Also sorry there's no pictures.....I ran into a snag there.