"So what you are telling me Lord Vader is that this particular storm trooper is capable of withstanding the Jedi mind trick?"

The general had asked realizing that second guessing his master was most likely not the best course of action. Vader retorted to the question.

"Are you questioning me General?" Vader echoed sternly.

"Of....of course not my Lord, I just.....well these soldiers are not the strongest when it comes to matters of the mind. I am just leery is all."

"I assure you General....he is up to the task, I have trained him myself."

The General shook his head slightly at the statement, but found it in his heart to trust in his master. He raised his head to once more address the dark lord.

"What is this soldiers name my sire?"

Lord Vader raised his hand towards the door to present the soldier to the General.

" His name is Darth......"

Suddenly a soldier walked into the room and stood in salute. The General motion for him to be at ease. The soldier, now standing at ease, awaited his next command. The General eagerly paced back and forth getting a "feel" for the soldier before finally addressing him.

"So our Lord informs me that you are capable of withstanding the cunning of the Jedi mind trick, is this correct?"

Darth hesitated before answering the question. He looked over at Vader for the final word. His Lord nodded. He looked back at the General.

"That is correct sir. I am well versed in the art of resistance."

The General gave him a cold look. He glanced towards Vader.

"Show me."

Vader shifted his attention towards Darth. Darth stood awaiting the command. 

" Sit."

Darth didn't budge. The General showed a bit of interest.

"Turn around."

Again, Darth stood his ground.


Darth waved his hand to ensure he was wide awake. The General nodded in appeasement.

"I've seen enough soldier. My Lord, may I have a word.....in private?"

Vader nodded and the two moved away from Darth. The General eyed the soldier before addressing Vader.

" My Lord, if this soldier is capable of resisting even you, how can you be sure he isn't a potential threat?" 

The dark Lord glanced at the soldier and quickly back at the General.

" This man knows not to betray me, I have the utmost faith in him. Please General, assign him where you see fit. I must be on my way."

"Yes my Lord."

Vader made his exit leaving the two alone at last. The General glared at the soldier unsure what to do next. Darth felt a little unnerved. 

(Some time later......)

Darth and the General now sat at a table, the General thumbing through a stack of papers.

" Ok then Darth, now that the "big scary man" is gone lets get down to the brass tax."

"Brass Ta.....?" Darth started to ask.

"Never mind that son. We need to find out exactly what it is that your good at, so I can decide exactly where to place you. Now.....what other skills are you versed in?"

Darth hesitated to answer, after all Vader was the only one he had been answering to lately. He felt nervous and instinctively went to go scratch his face. Most likely he looked rather stupid scratching at his mask.

"Well.....there's the mind trick thing. then there's.......uhhhh, well......"

He was drawing a blank. Suddenly an idea came to him.

"Oh yeah! I really like to watch stuff, observation and such. I once actually watched grass literally grow.....hahahaha, it was pretty neat actually."

The General stared at him, utterly flabbergasted. He just stared not believing what he had just heard. Suddenly he realized he was staring.

"So, what your saying is.....you don't get out much. What exactly was it that you did before your training with Lord Vader?"

Darth was confused by the question. In all actuality he had no answer.

" I don't remember sir."

The General shook his head.

" I see. Well don't feel too defeated son, I believe I might have the perfect position for you actually. Guard duty."

A flash of excitement spread across Darth's face....all though the General could not see this.

"What's guard duty?" he asked excitedly.

(Even more time later.....)

"Man.....this sucks!" Darth sighed.

He had been standing watch for almost nine hours straight. This was no easy task in the dead heat of planet Tantooine. Suddenly he was regretting his eagerness to start his guard duty. It wasn't helping that his partner in crime standing next to him wasn't very chatty. Darth nudged him with his blaster rifle hoping for some kind of response.

His partner seemed to ignore him and continued to stand watch. Darth shook his head and looked around. There was a whole lot of nothing. There was dirt, a lot of dirt. There's was some dust as well, all though the ratio of dirt to dust was very uneven. In fact there was like a 7:3 difference. Darth was lost in his thoughts, after all it had been nine hours.

"Dude, what I wouldn't give for a shift change. I wanted to check out that Hatchi Station.....I hear they have some killer deals on power converters."

His partner had no response. Darth stared at him very angrily.....once again no one could tell.

"You know what sucks more then this desert?" 

He waited for an answer and got nothing.


He didn't even budge, this cat was stone cold. Standing there Darth became more overwhelmed with boredom when suddenly his life saver appeared.

"Hey Darth....it's time for a shift change. You're up."

"Yes!!! It is about freakin time, I am out of here man."

He began walking away as his replacement took his spot. No more stupid guard duty for him. As he walked away he noticed a landspeeder coming towards him, obviously passing through the checkpoint. In the back were two very peculiar droids, one was shining a brilliant gold in the Tantooine sun and the other was a bright blue and white. With them were two gentlemen, one young and one much older. He stared at them as the approached. Something just didn't seem right. 

Oh well, he had some power converters to attend to.


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