Once again it is that time of the week. First things first, you may have noticed that I'm not DJH, but I feel that I'm just as good. All kidding aside my good buddy messaged me asking if I would host the recap this week because he has run into some internet issues at the hotel he's staying at. I was more then happy to help him out, so here we are.


This week marks a (dare I say) legendary benchmark for our beloved series. This week is in fact week 20, we have come a very long way and I hope to see us continue on strongly in the future. That being said I suppose it is time to move on to the recap.




What Ever Happened To Archangel by Darth-Carbonite


markus says- I loved this story about my ordeal on Omega. It's one of the longer GaMes, but it's really well written; lots of detail not just to the environment, but the fight scene. And I love the way he works my username into it.


king says- Well it's not an unknown fact that I'm not a fan of the Mass Effect series, in fact I can't stand it. However this story is not bad, it's got action in all the right places and as markus stated before the details are very nice. My only regret is that I couldn't enjoy it on more of a fanboy level.



On Your Mark by xking595x


markus says- This story has me trying to survive on my own in the world of Left 4 Dead, one of my favorite games. My friends make it out in a vehicle, like most chapters of the game end, but sadly I'm not making the trip with them. It's a bit shorter than other GaMes, fittingly so, because so is the life expectancy of anyone trying to go it solo in the zombie apocalypse.


king says- Well I wrote this story.....it sucks, but don't take my word for it. I'd say It turned out well enough considering the only plot point I was going off of was one mile in five minutes. Enough about me.



The "Psychiatrist" by dadarkheart


markus says- Dadarkheart continues what appears to be a string of zany adventures in GaMing. This one is no different, where I sit down talk-show style with some of gaming's most recognizable stars and try to help them through their personal problems - or maybe just tell them straight up, "you're beyond help, man." From twilight references to reality tv, dadarkheart certainly knows how to keep it tongue in cheek.


king says- This was one of the more freshest zaniest GaMe's I've read in awhile. The amount of references (and not just from games) in this story just continued to make me chuckle. It was reminiscent of something like Dr. Phil......except with video games. I got a good laugh from this one.



Re: Civilization by cybertronian assassin


markus says- Another romp through Left 4 Dead, this one sees me faring slightly better than last time. My wife and I (teamwork, people!)  try to make our way to the supposed safety of a big city with our pets in tow, and barely make it through the night after running into one of the baddest zombies out there. I loved the attention to detail when it came to the supplies and ammo we scavenged along the way, as well as using info from my personal life to flesh out the story.


king says- Also another L4D inspired story, obviously it was way better then mine hahaha. I really enjoyed the take on this story. It's told in a sort of diary entry way constantly switching back and forth between inner thought and actual events. Naturally I love the details present, the breaking teeth sent shivers down my spine. Best of all.....it can easily be continued, always a favorite of mine.



The Bannered Mare by ace13


markus says-Ace writes me into a story that seems to coexist in both the land of Skyrim, as well as New Jersey. Lots of great details worked into this one, like the names of my dogs and where I'm from. I don't know if I mentioned it anywhere other than one of my earlier blogs, but harvesting ingredients for making alchemical potions was one of my favorite parts of Skyrim, so this was a lot of fun to read.


king says- honestly I'm a tad bit confused....I think this is a tale about markus playing Skyrim while simultaneously trying to woo his wife, it would be the only thing that explains the breaking of the 4th wall at points. If that is exactly what is going on........that is one of the most brilliant ways I've seen a GaMe written. All and all I liked it.....especially the bard's song.


The Winner





markus says- Even with only five entries this time around, this was still a tough decision to make. These stories put me in some of my favorite games, some had me roughed up or dying, some featured my wife and pets.


In the end, I had to go with the story of me tracking down Archangel's fate on Omega. Garrus is one of my favorites (who DOESN'T like Garrus?) and the Archangel plot was one of my favorites from the series. It's a bit longer than some other GaMes, but Darth's writing is well paced and full of details that help bring the story to life.


Well congratulations once again to Darth-Carbonite, you came you saw and you conquered. For everyone willing to Gamify this weeks winner, you can find his profile here.


As for you markus1142 you have the right to don the badge. Wear it proudly, you earned it.




For those of you participating this week, the deadline will continue to be two weeks from now, so good luck to everyone and I hope to see plenty of entries.


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As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.