The door creaked louder then it ever had before. Slowly the light from the hallway lit up the dark unknown. Markus wasn't exactly sure what to expect on the other side of that door, in fact it terrified him. He peeked into the room and managed a glimpse of the dresser and the bed. He needed more light so he decided to open the door all the way.


Finally the door was fully ajar. The room wasn't exactly as bright as the sun, but the hallway lit it up just enough to give Markus a good picture. The room was empty. That was a relief to Markus given he had expected a fight. After assessing the situation he began to search around the room.
Flipping through papers and rummaging through drawers he seemed to be getting more anxious by the second. Finally he paused and exclaimed a fit of joy towards what he had found. It was a cell phone. 

"Thanks Mom...." he solemnly exclaimed to himself.

He powered up the phone and quickly dialed a number. The phone rang in his ear for what seemed like eternity. Finally some one picked up.

" Markus.....Is that you man?"

"Finally.....I thought I'd never get a hold of you. Where are you?" Markus asked sternly.

"I'm at the market, met up with a few other people......they got a bus. We are getting out of here."

"That's great news.....listen, I'm on my way right now. I'm at my parent's house." Markus exclaimed.

A few seconds of silence passed before Markus' contact responded.

"Look....I'm sorry man, but these guys say you got five minutes, they aren't looking to stick around much longer."

"Are you freaking kidding me? The market is like a mile from here, how am I supposed......."

"Markus. On your mark man....."


Markus began to breathe heavily.......what in the heck was he going to do. A mile in five minutes.....any other day that would be impossible, but not today. Markus quickly turned around and was startled by his mother. What was left of her at least. This was not something he was entirely prepared for, after all it wasn't just anyone.
Markus hadn't been near home when the infection broke out, so he hadn't been entirely sure of his parent's condition. Evidently it wasn't the best of news. Markus snapped out of his emotional daze, he had something to do. He just looked at his mother for one brief moment.

"I love you mom, I'm so sorry."

The front door of the house swung open as Markus darted towards the end of the street. He thought to himself that this could possibly be the absolute worse thing that could happen to him at this moment in time. He suddenly became aware of the force from his shoes hitting the asphalt again and again. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his chest, he was getting winded.....but he could not stop now. He pushed forward with only one thing on his mind. Market.

He took notice of an infected on his immediate right. In a split second decision he chose to just run past the cadaver, all though he prayed he would not be followed. He glanced behind him quickly......he was being followed.

"Son-of-a....." he exclaimed annoyed.

He had no choice now but to just be the faster runner, problem was the other guy doesn't get winded. Markus could feel his body about to shut down on him, he had to stop, he had to. First he had to deal with his admirer. Suddenly Markus came to a halt and stuck out his machete.
As smooth as butter the cadavers head came clean off it's shoulders as the body crashed to the ground. Quickly he glanced around him making sure he was safe. Everything looked clear, but he didn't have much time to take a breathe. Almost immediately he took off again towards his objective.

After a few minutes Markus could see the Market. He was almost there. He began to slow down a bit to catch his breathe one more time. He couldn't believe he had made it that far that fast. Suddenly the air filled with a loud growl from an unwanted guest. Markus turned towards the source and saw a handful of infected coming his way.
Crap! It was time to move. He turned towards the market and took off. He decided to duck into the alleys to make a quicker escape. As he turned the corner he accidentally smashed into the side of a parked car. The car alarm blared out loud into the air, surely grabbing the attention of any surrounding infected. This was gonna get bad.

He ran past the car and ducked another corner, moving as fast as possible. Around the next corner he came into contact with resistance. In a full sprint he swung his blade decapitating the poor soul, thus clearing the path.
He dared not look behind him, besides, he could hear the crowd growing fast. He pushed on until finally the market was right in front of him. He made it. Running towards the service entry he was startled as a bus flew through a shutter door. That was his ride.....where was it going? 

"HEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!! I'M HERE, DON'T GO!!!!!!!" he yelled as loud as he could.

The bus continued to speed off in the other direction, it was over. He hadn't been fast enough. They had left him. Suddenly the trailing crowd seemed much closer now. He was screwed, and he knew it. Growls and shrieks filled the air as the infected rushed towards their next meal. Markus wasn't going to go down with out a fight.
He turned towards his impending doom and stood his ground. Suddenly he heard a loud screech echo from in front of him. Out of the dark alley an infected jumped towards Markus. Markus swung his blade with precise timing stopping the jumper in mid-air. Markus quickly glanced up to see a weighty infected right next to him. The infected growled before exploding it's guts all over Markus.
He was blinded as the bile filled his eyes. Suddenly he was yanked off his feet and could feel himself ascending. Blindly hanging in mid-air, Markus was no match for the horde of infected. Quickly the crowd surrounded him and began tearing the flesh from his bones.

 It hurt.....but only for a few seconds.

Markus became numb to the pain as a deep darkness swept over him.
Left 4 Dead was my inspiration behind this one.
As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.