Once upon time in the friendly little town of Moonlight Bay there lived a Sim known to his other Sim friends simply as Rabbit......or Killer, when it came to the ladies (giggity). You see Rabbit had just moved into the town to start his life anew, a fresh start if you will. However, this particular Sim had a very long history of trouble....it just always seemed to follow him. Why do you think he wanted to start anew in the first place?

So, with the mindset of a new life this Sim set out to make some new friends to ease the stress of starting anew. He decided to visit a park relatively close to his new residence. Upon arrival at the park he had noticed, almost immediately, a woman sitting on the park bench. I did mention this guy was a lady killer right?

You see Killer.....err..... I mean Rabbit was a very charismatic Sim, with a very flirty attitude to boot. Talking to the opposite sex was almost second nature to him. Worse then that.....it was his nature. So Rabbit approached the unknowing Sim in order to make his introduction. He started things off with a smooth pickup line surely grabbing her attention.

She responded well, encouraging him to take the conversation further. After some small chit chat Rabbit had decided he really wanted to become this woman's friend, so they continued their banter. In between the lines Rabbit was dropping many sly comments regarding her looks and personality, winning her over even more. After awhile Rabbit decided he wanted to ask her to come over and see his new place.

Taken aback his new friend expressed that she was not digging the situation at all.....in fact it seemed she was married. Rabbit was surprised to say the least, but he always enjoyed a good challenge.....

Systematically over a period of about a week, Rabbit had gone out of his way to become best friends with the woman he met in the park, and he had succeeded. One night.....while the woman was visiting his home Rabbit decided he wanted to attempt to move things forward once more, he felt the mood was right.

He sat down on the couch next to her wooing her any way he could think of until finally he had decided to confess his attraction for her. Surprisingly she seemed open to the idea, and ultimately the two shared a very first kiss. Rabbit had felt this was right and so he asked her with all his confidence to leave her husband for him.

That night Killer, (yeah he earned it) went to sleep in his new home, in his new bed, with his new girlfriend. That's right she left her husband just for him, and Killer could not have been more happier. He closed his eyes and drifted of to sleep....................


Killer awoke to the sound of his fire alarm blaring in the night. It could only mean one thing....a fire. Getting out of bed him and his new woman raced downstairs to see what was happening. It seemed his kitchen and living room had been transformed into a fiery pit.....his house was burning down.

They both ran outside and patiently awaited for the firetruck to come and put out the fire when suddenly Killer was accosted with an earful of hate. Turning to see the source of such hatred Killer was utterly surprised to see his new woman's ex-husband standing there. Once more Killer was blasted with more hate in which he responded to by starting a fight.

The two scrapped until Killer found himself thrown to the ground. He stood back up and swallowed his shame and once again started another fight with the man ultimately leading to the same result......this went on for awhile for Killer hath to much pride and couldn't face defeat.

Finally he had decided he had lost (about 8 times) and he was through with fighting. He then swallowed his pride and very pathetically tried to apologize.....the ex-husband was simply not having that and retorted by walking away leaving Rabbit, (that's right he's been downgraded, he got his tail kicked) to his newly burned down house compliments of his his terrible recent decision making....

Taking a look around and finally taking in the situation as a whole Rabbit was overwhelmed with emotion and proceeded to cry on his girlfriends shoulder, after all she was the only thing he now had in this supposed new life of his. After shedding a few tears he decided he would suck it up and confess his shame for the whole situation, asking his new girlfriend to just be friends in the process.

After expressing some very hateful feelings she eventually left him there to sulk over the remains of his new life........oh well, New Game.

This was based on an experience a friend of mine had with the Sims 3 in which he stole his best friends wife and the guy burned his house down in retaliation.

As always I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.