This was not written by me! This entry was written by a friend of mine known as tboner815. He is too low a level for his posts to show up on the blog page, so I opted to post it for him. Thanks for the entry buddy, I'ts much appreciated. Enjoy.



He sat atop his horse surveying the land before him.  There was no sign of the two madmen he searched for.  He was certain they were in the box canyon before him, hiding no doubt.  These two pieces of scum robbed and killed a man then raped and murdered his wife leaving their mangled corpses in the streets of Armadillo.

  King was hired to hunt down and subdue the men, but was told by the marshall that their lives were worth nothing.  King had intended to kill them with or without the marshall's blessing, and the nerve of the marshal to pres... King's head snapped as some Birds scattered from a grouping of bushes about 100 yards to his left.

"He's looking right at us Bert, MOVE!", hissed Jim pushing Bert aside as he darted for the river only about 30 yards away.    The small raft was there like Chris promised, Bert kind of felt bad now for slitting Chris' throat.  As Bert and Jim ran, bullets whizzed past missing them only by the grace of a god they don't deserve.  Bert looked over to Jim and could tell that being on the run was getting to him.

  Jim was a predator through and through, and despised being cast in the role of prey for this chapter of his life.  Jim had spent the last week running from this King character and hated him more than anyone even though he had never actually met him.  Jim hated what King was and what he was doing to him, Jim was tired of running and was tired of being hunted down like an animal.

     King pulled out his last loaded revolver and started unloading, missing the first four shots.  One shot hit one of the crooks in the shoulder and the other shot struck true as the other outlaw fell to the ground with a spray of blood.  As King reached for his lasso his horse abruptly stopped and flipped over itself taking King with it.  All went black.

     Consumed by fear and rage Jim ran on closely following Bert.  Mere feet from the raft Jim felt a sharp pain rip through his shoulder and he screamed out in agony.  Jim watched in slow motion as Bert turned to respond to his cries and his face exploded into a bloody mess.  Too scared to stop Jim kept running, he didn't even have the nerve to turn and see if his trap had worked.  As his foot landed on the wood of the raft Jim turned to see...nothing. 

The only oddities of the landscape being Bert's crumpled body a few yards away and a horse standing about 30 yards back next to a broken form which Jim knew to be King.  Jim was to scared to check the body, to scared to end the torment of being chased for sure.  Jim stood a moment hating King for installing such a fear in him,  and hating himself for not having the courage to even look at a dead body.  Jim reassured himself that no one can have a horse fall on them at that speed and survive.  Jim crossed the river into Mexico with hopes of regaining his courage and hunting again.

     Nothingness.  Less than nothing for nothing implies something, this is all King could feel.  King tried to open his eyes only to find that they didn't existed.  As far as King could tell he was just conscious thought flowing freely with no form or definition.  As if using every sense he never knew he had King moved to a light in the distance. 

As he drew closer to the light he began to feel normal emotion, construct perceivable thoughts, and his conscience took on shapes he knew would form his body.  Steps existed again and he was only a few from the light when the world came rushing back along with the memories of the last week and how King had gotten where he was.  Pain fired through him as he bolted upright into consciousness. 

After a few moments of trying to cope with the pain wracking his entire body King rose to his feet and stared across the river at the empty raft.  The Marshall had told King rather clearly to not chase the outlaws into Mexico, but this was now personal.  Besides, King wouldn't let a criminal tell him were he can and can't chase criminals.