TV Broadcast: "There have been reports of acts of cannibalism through out the city in the last 12 hours. A city wide lock down has already been issued, closing off all major entrances and exits to and from Racoon City. We advised that citizens stay in there homes with their doors completely locked, and wait for help. At no point should any citizen attempt to make contact with those committing the atrocities, for they have been deemed as highly dangerous......"

Officer Heart rummaged through a desk in search of a weapon. The television broadcast echoing in the background only made him think about just how screwed up things really were. It had gotten bad in the last few hours and he was starting to believe they hadn't seen the worse of it.
People were actually eating each other out there, it was utter chaos. The thoughts creeping in his mind made him search harder. Finally he surfaced a pistol from the mess. He checked the ammo count. One clip, 14 shots, he'd have to make it last. 

He heard a loud crash that seemed to come from the floor above. He jumped at the noise fearing for what the cause was. Quickly he realized that he didn't even know what building he was in, in fact he had no idea exactly where he was in the city.
He had been on the streets when the pandemic started and witnessed first hand as the city was torn apart from the inside. Eventually the streets were no longer safe, and he had just ducked inside to seek shelter. In all actuality, he was lost. Once again another crash echoed from the floor above.

Heart: "I don't know what's making that noise, but I don't wanna find out"  he muttered to himself.

Within an instant Officer Heart began moving through the office building looking for an exit. He couldn't believe he was actually looking for a way back into the street, but he didn't exactly feel safe here either. Taking cues from the office walls he eventually found himself heading  towards a main hallway.

Heart: "There must be an exit down........"

Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks as he turned the corner. Down the ways he could see a few of those "things". He looked away in horror as he noticed they were enjoying a snack, a young secretary. He began to gag and cough at the site, in turn attracting some unwanted attention. Slowly the "things"  began eyeing the officer as they slowly shambled towards him. They let out a blood curdling moan that shook Heart to his core. He raised his newly acquired weapon ready to put the poor souls to rest.

Heart: "I'm sorry....."

Bam! Bam! Bam! The lifeless corpses fell to the floor. Heart let out a heavy breathe, just because they were crazy.....didn't make it any easier. Dropping his guard he once again set out towards the exit. He managed a few feet past the dead bodies and the poor secretary when another "thing" entered the hallway in front of him.
As soon as the first had appeared another made its way into the hall as well, and then another. Once again moans echoed in the hallway, sounding as if they were surrounding him. In a panic he quickly turned to look behind him and was terrified  at the site. He was surrounded and the bodies only seemed to keep piling in. 

Heart: "Darn! The gunshot!"

Quickly he raised the pistol and dropped 3 of his pursuers making a little wiggle room. He turned towards his front to see the others closing in. He decided he would have to push through....the only way was forward. He threw up his arm as a barrier and tackled his way through the mess finding clear space on the other side. Running at a full sprint away from the crowd he fired a few more shots for insurance. Finally he could see it, the exit. He braced for impact ready to blow through the door.

Crash!!! The door flew off the hinges in a splintery explosion and Heart was once again on the street. With out warning an unseen adversary tackled him to the ground pinning him down. Struggling to keep the salivating jaws from tearing through his flesh he managed his gun against the "things" temple. Bam! He quickly threw the body off of him as he got to his feet. He took one last look at the crowd racing towards him, there were more then he had realized.

Heart: " My lord......."

He turned and ran away, anywhere but here. He ran until he couldn't breathe anymore, eventually ducking into an alley. He checked his surrounding before taking a breather. Posting up against the wall he felt a sharp pain on his forearm. He rolled up his sleeve to discover a fresh scratch. It wasn't bleeding, so he brushed it off. After all what's a little scratch?
He continued to catch his breathe listening to the soundtrack of the city. A chorus of moans could be heard clearly through the air. Those things were everywhere, how did he stand a chance? He rolled down his sleeve and checked his ammo once more. Five shots. It wasn't much, but it was better then nothing. He took one last breathe before taking back to the streets, it was time to find out exactly where he was.

I so struggled with that title for awhile, finally just picked one.
As always I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.