So today I want to attempt something a little different. I wanna change my focus towards something we (as gamers) have all been guilty of at some point in time. I feel pretty comfortable with that statement. That thing would of course be first impressions. Allow me to elaborate.

There is a new game coming out soon, but not a whole lot of detail has been released about it. You're dying to learn anything new about said game. Some new screen shots are released.......naturally you must see them so you find a way to view them. It is at this moment you make your first impression.

Whether you realize it  or not when you see anything your brain slowly starts to analyze and pick apart just exactly what your seeing. If that's true (and I'm no scientist) why would it be any different when you view a picture of an unreleased game the very first time? I don't think it is, and I have only proven that statement.....I don't know about a million times In my life time.

So today I'm gonna write out in detail exactly what comes to mind and what I feel upon viewing a select amount of screen shots. This blog I will be focusing on an upcoming release....Farcry 3.

Off we go!!!

Naturally the first thing that comes to mind is "that dude is about to be screwed". However lets focus on the picture a little more. Immediately I can notice what seems like a splashing type of water effect, it's noticeable on the blade of the machete and as the random white dots all over the picture. I might be wrong, but it looks as if our avatar might have just resurfaced from the water for a kill strike?

This screen shot oozes detail, to me, one of the most realistic to date. That being said from this picture it seems as though the game might focus heavily (view wise) on what's exactly in front of you as you spelunk around. The hand is detailed which is expected with an FPS but even the enemy to the right is incredibly detailed. You can actually make out the different shades in his camo pants, not to mention the shadow work. Even though in this picture the enemy to the players immediate right seems to be the focus, the enemy in the background, all though not crystal clear is easily identifiable as an enemy. He completely sticks out compared to the background.

Oh man......that beach looks really nice. Ahem, let's get to the next picture.

 "Gun you down.......and you stay down!!!"...............Sorry. 

So first thing I notice is the watch/compass on the player's left hand. It definitely stands out and is one of the more detailed items in the picture. This leads me to believe that the game might have a system of some sorts worked out with that said watch. It makes me wonder " maybe there isn't even a map, maybe you just gotta find your way based on the direction you  were told you have to travel." That would definitely add a newish challenge to games today. (I say newish because that's Dark Souls to a T) 

Once again I notice vast detail in this picture from the shadows on the boxes and even the hand to the beautiful mountains and clouds in the landscape. Speaking of detail I notice that the player is holding that AK at a sideways angle. I'm no gun expert but I'm pretty sure that's not a logical way to operate a fully automatic machine gun.

So that leads me to believe perhaps there might be a cover system present. I mean the sideways stance screams blind fire. Now I'm not sure if there's a specific "hit this button for cover" system, but if the game adapts like that, say if your just crouched behind cover and not actually stuck to the wall, that is some super realism that I would totally welcome.

It's not all positive however. I also can't help but feel that the character models for the enemies look a tad bit blocky and possibly like they might move around in a robot motion. It's just a picture though, it doesn't prove much. Next!

It's really hard to not reiterate the amount of detail this game seems to boast. Once again we have detail from the pin of the grenade remaining on the finger all the way to the slight shadowing from the net on the box in the front view. As far as beauty goes, so far.....this game is delivering. Once more I see more evidence towards my changing focus theory. The enemies are clear as day as is the players immediate surroundings, however the grenade is blurred. Perhaps out of sight out of mind?

From this pic it seems as though the AI might have some kind of a brain. The player has barely released the hand grenade and you can clearly tell the enemy on the left is already reassessing his future decisions....he seems to be turning around to run. Lastly this picture once again showcases what I believe to be a main selling point of this game......the environment. The mountains in the background complete with the bright blue sky, and even the foliage and the trees all look rather convincing. The jungle/paradise setting they are going with seems to be working out in a beautiful way.

Well those are my first impression of those screen shots. Feel free to share what your first impressions are, or if this game in particular doesn't tickle your fancy, I challenge you to write your very own first impressions. Shoot.......we (GIO) could make a thing of it. Thoughts?

As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed