Rome, Italy

Town Market

Sora trudged his way through the bustling street's moving closer to the heart of the market. His mother had sent him this way to purchase some needed ingredients for dinner. Walking through the crowds Sora thought about his task at hand, and even more about the sack of coins his mother had given him. He quickly grabbed it out of his pocket and smiled to himself feeling the weight of it in his hand. 
Sora was nearing the produce stand when a not so bright idea struck him. He stopped a few feet from the stand and looked at the coin sack resting in his hand. His mother had given him the coins for dinner, but if he never spent them, he could keep them for himself. Sora smiled and thought to himself that he had never had a better idea. Pocketing the coins Sora moved closer to the stand.

" How are you doing today young man, can I help you with anything?" The shopkeeper asked him.

"I'm fine sir.....mostly just looking......" Sora replied in a stern tone.

"Well, if I can help you with anything just ask......" The shopkeeper said as he turned his attention to another customer.

Sora continued to pretend he was actually interested in buying some goods as he formulated his plan. He quickly glanced at the shopkeeper and his surroundings before making his next move. The coast was clear. In a very quick and sneaky manner Sora easily filled his pockets with his mother's requested ingredients.
Feeling like he had all he could carry, Sora figured it was time to cut and run. Slowly Sora turned and began walking away from the stand. With every step he was beginning to feel a little more nervous. He looked ahead towards the route he planned to take.....he was so close......just a few more steps.

"HEY STOP!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly the world seemed to come to a standstill and Sora felt all eyes in the crowd focus on him. He was busted and he knew it.

"Look kid, if you just turn back now, we can forget it ever happened." the shopkeeper pleaded.

Sora was sweating now, what was he going to do. He looked dead ahead, he was so close. Suddenly his mind made his decision. "Run."

Sora took off towards his exit, he had never run so fast in his life. Nothing else mattered now....he had to get away. How hard could it be? 


Sora heard the dreaded word announced clearly over the crowd. His heart skipped a beat as he choked down a hard swallow. Pushing through the crowds Sora continued forward. He could clearly hear the clanking of the guard's armor and they were hot on his tail. He continued forward pushing himself to his maximum. He couldn't go much longer, even if he wanted to. He was done.
Sora began to slow down and the reality of the situation became much more clear. He was caught. He came to a stop panting and wheezing when a sudden force knocked him to the ground. He fell face first into the dirt. He rose to his knees and took a look around. There were three of them, Borgia, and they looked aggravated. He glanced at the guard on his left . 

"Please.....I'm sorry." Sora begged.

The guard chuckled at the statement and retorted with a fist to the boys face. Sora dropped to the ground once more. Struggling to his hands and knees, a swift kick was delivered to his gut flipping him onto his back. Sora looked up at the shadow towering him. The man wore an evil smile as he glared down at him. Sora began to tear, the fear finally breaking him.
The guard grabbed for the sword sheathed on his side. Sora watched in horror. Suddenly the man's stare became even more lifeless. Sora stared at his face in awe as blood began to trickle from his mouth. The man fell forward smashing into the ground revealing a figure behind him. A hooded figure dressed in white complimented with red trim.

The other two guards sprang into action swinging their swords at the mysterious figure. He quickly took a step back dodging the swings as he unsheathed a blade of his own. Just as quick as the figure had drawn his blade it was now resting in the gut of another guard. Holding the guard in a literal death grip the figure's back was now turned away from the last guard. The guard seizing the opportunity lunged forward for a death strike.

Still holding the guard in his place the hooded figure threw up a kick for defense, his boot smashing into the guard's face. The guard crashed into the ground dropping his sword. The figure looked in the face of his current catch as he twisted his blade releasing his grip. With the guard falling to the ground the mysterious figure simultaneously turned his attention and his blade towards the grounded prey.
Swiftly the blade found it's way through the final guard violently spewing blood in the air. Standing over the dead men the figure sheathed his sword. Suddenly he turned his attention towards Sora and began walking towards him. Sora struggled to his feet and began to run away when a strong grip wrangled his arm. Sora's nerves crashed as he turned to the man. 

"Assassino?" Sora said with a tremble in his voice.

The hooded figure chuckled at the boy. He released his arm and took a knee in front of him.

"To some.........now go home." 

Upon hearing these words Sora didn't think twice as he turned and sprinted away. He ran as far as he could before finally stopping to take a breathe. Collecting his thoughts Sora reached into his pockets to make sure his mother's ingredients were there. They were gone. Sora began to panic as he patted himself down checking every pocket.
He had nothing other then his mother's coins. The vegetables were gone, but how? Confused, Sora finally put the picture together. Dumbfounded Sora released some anger in a hearty grunt. After another few seconds he began to chuckle to himself......it could have been worse. 

Laughing to himself Sora began heading towards the market.......after all he still needed the ingredients for dinner.
I kinda hate the title of this, but couldn't come up with anything.
As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.