Assassins Creed. Once a title I very much affiliated awesomeness with, but nowadays I could truly care less. I have played every title currently out there in the series and I have truly enjoyed only one (maybe two) of them. That one game is the very first game in the series....Assassins Creed.

When this game came out back in the day (that's a loose term) it was a revolutionary piece of work. It was a title unlike anything we had really ever played before. It was awesome. Now that's just my opinion of the game of course, but the evidence is there that I'm not the only one who thought so. Now why does the first installment in this series strike me as the best? Well I'll explain.

 All though the game play of this title was revolutionary as I had said before, that's not nor had it ever been the biggest selling point for me. The thing I always enjoyed the most about AC was the introduction to Altair as a character. Altair is of course the protagonist of the game.

He's one of the best (If not the best) assassins in his order. Because of this reason (and a second chance) Altair is tasked with the most important missions of the order...thus spelling out the plot of the game. This is neither here  nor there and isn't the point of this blog. Anyways, back to Altair.

So we are introduced to this Master Assassin and he's just that.....a master. When players start the game the Altair they know is one that tends to follow orders honorably. No matter the task, all though he may question the motives behind it, Altair always delivers the goods. This is simply because of his dedication to his belief in the order. He is a man with principals and it strongly shows through in the character.
So how does an "errand boy" get the job done no matter what? The answer is........ he's cold blooded. Generally I like to have my characters show a little emotion but Altair virtually shows none. His tone is stern and rarely changes, occasionally there might be some humor in there, but for the most part Altair is in a serious mood to match his serious tasks. This seriousness, I always enjoyed about the character.

So all that being said, that's the Altair players are introduced to. Now by the end of the game players are now acquainted with a much different Altair. With out spoiling anything I will just say there are some reason that lead Altair to question his beliefs and principles. In a sense Altair becomes a "broken" man torn between what he's always believed and what he now knows is the truth.
Imagine thinking one thing your whole life just to learn it wasn't true in some way. This added a whole new level to the character that I had already enjoyed so much. Now instead of being somebodies poster boy, Altair is free to act of his own accord. A great set up for a sequel.........

So now we are treated to Assassins Creed 2, and introduced to a completely different assassin in a completely different period of time. What? When did this happen? Crowd favorite (not so much for me)  Ezio is now up to bat..
This is where the series started to become lost me.....the introduction of Ezio. Ezio is cool, don't get me wrong, but to me he always seemed like a shadow of Altair (in a way he is). Everything he does.....Altair had already done. Now I know that's not true because the mechanics in the first and second game are very different, but you get the point I'm making. Ok so right about now I'm over the whole "jumping the shark"  thing and I'm okay with playing as Ezio. Yes his story is awesome, but really awesome enough to spawn his own trilogy?

That's right I consider AC 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations as the trilogy of Ezio. All three games center around Ezio and his story. It isn't until Revelations that players even get a glimpse of Altair, that's three releases since his debut title. Three releases? We are talking about the face of AC here, the man who started it all.
So, finally Altair graces the AC series once more. I'm stoked at this point......until I actually see how he's utilized. Altair, as far as Ezio's legacy is concerned, isn't much more then just a cameo. His part is brief and for all intents and purposes is just used to answer some questions. Injustice I say!!!

So why don't I like Assassins Creed? It isn't because of the game play or really the story in its self (actually very good and gripping) I dislike AC purely because I feel Altair was left out in the cold. To me Ubisoft created an amazing character who could have gone miles, but instead they chose to forget he ever happened.....create a whole new character for the trilogy they "really" wanted to make and simply threw the original master in there just for some kind of good (if you insist) measure. 

Before you blast me with hate, yes I am very aware that in the grand scheme of things and the way the story pans out...... Altair, Ezio, and even Desmond all play a small part in the much bigger scheme.....I just have always felt Altair deserved a bigger piece of the pie.
On the horizon is Assassins Creed 3......once again a completely different era, setting, and assassin.

Am I not really. I long ago gave up hopes for Altair right around the same time I gave up my enjoyment for the series. Assassins Creed 3 is a chance to completely start anew for the AC series....and I'm on board for that, even if I don't play it. Thoughts?

As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.