Recently a sequel of some sorts for Dead Island was announced and in turn sparked my interest to replay the game. Recently I've been powering through it (in between MP3) for 5-7 hours at a time. Even though I have beaten the game before  I can honestly say I'm having just as much fun with it as I did the first time.

The game is a real solid title. It's got plenty of quests to complete, the combat controls (dual-analog) are tight and give the combat a personal touch, the RPG elements are finely balanced between the four player types to choose from assuring a fair but different play style for each one.


As great as that all sounds this game is not perfect, it has it's flaws. In the game's defense however, none of these flaws really break the game and for the most part are complaints rather then flaws. So that being said I have a few "complaints" about this game that I would love to see addressed in the next installment. Hang with me as I take you through my wish list for the Dead Island we go.

Combat Variety:

All though I stated before that the combat is solid, that still doesn't mean it doesn't get boring. Don't get me wrong, chopping off limbs, bashing or decapitating heads, breaking limbs, and even jump kicking are all showcased very well, but after awhile slicing a head off with the same motion over and over again tends to lose it's luster.

I't seems that no matter what type of weapon your using the main way to attack with it is with a swiping motion. How about some stabbing for a change. (the knife did have a stabbing motion). How about when you get grabbed, instead of ALWAYS punching the zombie off of you, you stab it through the bottom of the jaw or the side of the head instead.

Also alot of the blunt weapons in the game could benefit from a forward bunting motion that could be useful for keeping small crowds at bay. Using the environment could open up an entirely new way to approach combat as well.

The gun play could use a major upgrade as well, granted the main focus of the game was meant to be melee combat. However since the firearms are so few and far in between at first why would they not be more powerful? There is no reason why shooting a Zed in the dome shouldn't result in it's disposal.
Also a gun butt ability would be nice as well for when they get a little too close. I would just like the firearms to be more powerful, but they should still be scarce that way when you do find appreciate every shot you have..kinda liked Condemned.

All together I feel that the combat could greatly benefit from a variety of animations instead of the same ones over and over again. If I'm expected to slay a slew of zombies it would be nice to experience a different-esque way of doing so every time.

Weapon Mods:

They were some great weapon varieties to choose from in DI but in the long run a lot of them become useless. The Elemental effects are broken down into fire, electricity, poison, and bleeding and as you progress through the game you find stronger versions of these upgrades that increase the critical damage brought on by the elemental effect. Basically the bottom line results in a x1% for the elemental effect and the top is a whopping x4%. I know that doesn't sound like much but it does make a difference.

The problem is that once you acquire the "best" upgrade there is really never a point (unless your really struggling for supplies) to ever create the lesser powerful upgrade. This results in a very long list (it's long) of mods that you will never bat an eye at. To me it just seems like a vast waste of space and the effort could have been put into other aspects of the game.
As I said you acquire the better upgrades as you progress, which makes sense, but after New Game+ it really just doesn't make sense. I welcome the mod system for it was one of the better aspects of the game, but It could benefit form some fine tuning for sure.

Couch Co-op:

This one is it bit more of a stretch then my other complaints. Before I bought the game all I had heard about it was it's focus on cooperative play style. Kill some zombies with a friend....what else could you want? So needless to say I was rather upset when I learned the game only supported co-op online. I couldn't understand why a game that was slated as a co operative experience didn't support the best kind of cooperative out there...couch co-op.
Upon playing the game and getting a feel for it's vastness I began to understand why it wasn't included (that would be a lot to juggle). So I got over it, but that doesn't mean I still wouldn't like it. The game has it's difficult moments and perhaps you want some help to get you through, but unless your online your outta luck.  In no means am I asking the devs to sacrifice anything just to add this in there, but I think it is a feature they should consider exploring.

The Characters:

It's the end of days, death is lingering around every corner and all hope seems to be lost. How would you expect survivors to act in the situation? If you guessed like a robot, then you would be correct. I'm not kidding. There is little to absolutely no emotion in the interaction between the survivors. Sure people request your help because they have lost a loved one, or something or other, but they plead their cases with a lackluster approach. It makes me feel like "well if you don't care....then why should I?"
Those are just the NPC's in the game. However even the main four protagonists fail to deliver the emotions. If anyone needed some personality I would think they would, but they are just as lame as everybody else. Instead of fighting through a gripping tale of their survival, their emotions really make it seem as If your just "going through the motions". The end results in a lifeless avatar to vicariously preform genocide through.

Characters are a huge aspect of any survival story and they should act accordingly, I'm not asking for a new character of the decade, but I would like to at least be somewhat concerned for their livelyhoods through the story. I'm asking for some "life" here.

Other then these few "complaints" I have no problems with the game whatsoever. It is (in my opinion) one of the best zombie slayers ever created. It has a solid length, very fun and on occasions challenging combat, a variety in character play style, and plenty of collectables for you completionists out there.
All in all a gaming experience I would definitely recommend to anyone (granted it's your style). I would like  to see some of these issues addressed in the future, but I'm not too picky. Dead Island was a huge success in my opinion and I am highly anticipating any news for the sequel, and I'm even more excited to play it. Thoughts?

Thanks for reading and as always I hope you enjoyed.