Ok before you read this you should know the character is based off of CJ from San Andreas. Since Jolt's name Is Jolt the Cynic....I flipped CJ and created JC.

11: 24 A.M.
El Castillo Del Diablo, Bone County
San Andreas

JC awoke with a sense of panic. The hot sun beaming down on his face blinding his awakening eyes. Taking a second to shrug off his discombobulation he arose to his feet. After standing for a second his sight finally returned to him painting a picture of his surroundings. Looking around he knew immediately where he was.

"Why the hell am I in the desert man!?" he shouted out almost as if he was expecting an answer. 

"This is some bullstiff man........Guess I'm walking then" 

JC then set off walking....hopefully towards civilization. After finally accepting the fact that he was stranded in the desert JC began to ponder why he was here in the first place. His thoughts quickly raced back to the previous night.
Trying to remember what he had done he quickly realized he could not. He was drawing a blank on the entire night. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by the ringing phone in his pocket. He answered not knowing what or who to expect.

"Hello there Jolt.....drinking a little hard I see..." The strange familiar voice echoed in JC's ear.

"Torino???.... And to what do I owe this pleasure?"  JC smartly commented.

" Don't get cute kid, I'm not the one stranded in the desert surrounded by absolutely nothing.....Yea that's right kid I have my eye on you, but listen i didn't call for us to chit chat. I need something from you........let's just call it a favor."

Filled with a rage JC didn't hesitate on his next comment.

"Frak you Torino!!!....you ran my life once before and I'm not letting you do that stuff again man. I don't owe you any favors....our time is through."

"Yea that's right JC, you don't owe me any favors.....but how about I do you one by telling my men- who have very itchy trigger fingers bye the way- not to gun down your brother, who they are ever so gently keeping an eye on. Weigh your options kid.....you have none. So what do you say a favor for a favor?"

"You know Torino....your a real genuine acehole man."

"Ha so your game then.....I tell ya Jolt I knew you'd be the right guy to call......you always were reliable. So....after we end our little pow wow here a vehicle will approach you. 
There will only be a driver in this vehicle..........And I feel real bad for making you do this, but you gotta kill em'.... witnesses are bad for business. After you acquire my little gift in the trunk, I'll call you back for further instructions. And Jolt......don't run.....I'll be watching."

JC hung up the phone and thought to himself whether Torino was full of crap or not. He figured he shouldn't take his chances and patiently awaited the car. After a few minutes JC could make out a vehicle on the horizon coming towards him. He laughed to himself as he thought about the driver.

"Poor bastich.....talk about wrong place wrong time."

The vehicle came screeching to a halt a few feet from JC. He slowly approached the vehicle examining the driver thinking of his plan of attack. 

"Are you JC? I'm to pick up a JC" The driver sternly asked.

"Look man.......... I don't know what they told you, but your not picking anybody up today."

JC grabbed for the handle forcing the door open. He threw a forward kick at the drivers face landing the perfect blow. Dazed, the driver put up no fight as JC grabbed him and threw him into the ground. Much to JC's surprise the driver rolled over and presented a 9mm in his direction.
Instinct kicking in, JC dove on top of the driver fighting for control of the gun. The man had equal strength and leverage, so JC hit him with an elbow busting his nose. The man dropped his guard giving JC the opportunity for control. He pointed the piece into the mans gut and pulled the trigger.


The man laid dead in the dirt, forming a blood puddle. JC rose to his feet. Taking the keys from the ignition he circled around to the trunk. He took a long breathe before opening it, after all he had no idea what was in there. He opened it to find something he doesn't see every day......a rocket launcher.

Chuckling out loud he slammed the trunk and jumped in the drivers seat.

"What could he possibly want me to do with that?" JC laughed to himself.

Suddenly his phone started ringing. He let it go a few times....he figured Torino could wait. Finally he answers. Torino's quick to start.

"Hahahaha.....so you think its funny to put me on hold. I'll tell you what kid I think It'll be real hilarious when your brother's breathing out of the bullet holes in his chest. Do not tempt me. Are you ready to play nice?"

"Don't tempt me Torino!!!.......... I got your toy, who am I sharing it with?"

"Oooh....temper temper. I'm so scared. Listen...take the car and drive towards the dam. Once your at the dam I want you to wait for our guests. I have it under good authority they will be arriving by helicopter.

Use my toy- as you call it- to assure a "safe trip". I'll call you when it's done......and I'll know if it's not."

"Listen Torino...... this is the last time man. I'm asking you nicely."

There's a slight pause between the two.

"Listen Jolt.....you do this and I promise.....I'll stay out of your life. That's not a bad deal? I didn't think so....so get to it sparky. Happy hunting."

JC sat in the seat taking in the situation. After a minute he started the car and closed the door. Thinking about how crappy his afternoon had suddenly become....he knew if he pissed off Torino, he would make it worse. JC put the pedal to the floor and headed towards the dam.
 He had a job to do.

I tried to edit out the bad language as best I could.Thanks For Reading.