Upon careful study of the autobiography of The Great Cubone on his home page I began to wonder if there was more to the story. Sure most cubone's are born in Lavender Tower, and this may even be the case, but that just seemed to convenient to me.

So I took it upon my self to dig a little.........uncover the "truth" if you will. I traveled far and wide and talked to many people. I heard many stories, which most were just obvious embellishments of the actual events. However there was one story that stood out above the rest.

During my stay on the planet Warpstar I came upon a creature by the name of Waddle-dee that claimed he had the knowledge I was seeking. I heard him out. What follows is a brief summary of his testament.



Well for starters the one you know as The Great Cubone was once known as The Great Kirby.


He once called this planet home and was it's savior many times over. Most importantly he was my friend. I accompanied him on many adventures to spoil the plots of his evil nemesis King Dedede.........including our last adventure.

You see we were on our way back home from besting the evil King once more. We were traveling through the Milky Way Galaxy on Kirby's trusty Warpstar when suddenly there was a Big Bang(theory). The explosion threw us completely off track. Kirby had lost control of the Warpstar and had no choice but to crash land it on the nearest planet. I remember hanging on as tightly as I could as the planet drew closer and closer.


When I awoke Kirby was standing over me. He always was a tough cookie that one. I struggled to my feet to look at our surroundings. We had manged to land in the middle of a forest that seemed to go on forever.

We had no idea where we were but Kirby didn't let this scare him. He motioned for me to follow him and we started our trek into the great unknown.


After what seemed like hours we had no choice but to stop. We were tired and very hungry.....especially Kirby. We sat for a few minutes trying to formulate a plan when suddenly we heard a rustle from beyond the bushes. Kirby immediately jumped into a defensive stance ready to pound whatever made the noise.


Suddenly with out warning a small creature with a skull for a head emerged and let out a sound I had never heard before.



Kirby, after assessing the creature dropped his stance for he didn't feel we were threatened. I remember Kirby went to turn towards me when a bone smashed into his temple. We were in danger! Kirby shook off the hit and returned the favor knocking the creature to the ground. The creature had dropped his bone club so I had decided to fetch it. As I reached for it the creature tackled me to the ground. I laid on my back facing what was surely my death as the bone came smashing towards my face.......when suddenly.


 (Loud Vacuum Sound)


Kirby had saved my life once again by swallowing the strange creature whole. What I didn't tell you was what Kirby's secret weapon is. He's able to duplicate the powers and looks of whatever he sucks up. So in turn Kirby was now a doppleganger of his last meal. Now donning the look of the local wildlife Kirby felt he was safer so he decided to look on ahead.


I was following behind him keeping an eye when suddenly a transparent being appeared in his path. It looked very similar to our last threat on this planet. Kirby braced for another fight when a much bigger stranger creature appeared. This new enemy then clobbered the previous enemy leaving just itself and Kirby. The creature then threw a strange spherical device at Kirby that exploded into a mass of light.


Once the light cleared and I could finally see.... I noticed that Kirby was gone and so was the creature. I called out to my friend but received no answer......he was gone and I was all alone. That was the last I saw of my friend Kirby.......*sobs* I miss him and I hope wherever he is.......he's fine.

*laughs* Don't even ask how I got off that planet......


So there you have it folks.....the testament of a so called friend of the once known Kirby. Is the creature that Kirby swallowed actually a cubone? Is this mysterious creature that overpowered Kirby the random Poke'mon Trainer. Is The Great Cubone just a shadow of his formal self? Or is this all just a load of crap? Well readers that's for you to decide.


Thanx for reading.


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