When I first heard about Aliens: Colonial Marines back in 2008, I couldn't help but be excited for it. As an Aliens fan, I really just want to play a good Aliens game. In 2010, Sega released Aliens vs. Predator; this game was pretty hyped up. If done right, the game could provide the player with tons of variety, but in the end, it failed miserably. Speed up the clock three years, and you have another Aliens game by Sega. This one is now going to be developed by Gearbox - a loved developer among the gaming community. I can officially say that Aliens Colonial Marines is even more terrible than Aliens vs. Predator. So how did this game fail? I'll tell you why.... 

The game takes place after the events of the Alien movies. Colonial Marines are sent out on a rescue mission to a dangerous planet called LV-426. Here, they discover the terrible creatures that remain here. That's the premise of this game. There's nothing in the game that makes you ask in astonishment, "Did that seriously just happen?!" The characters in the game are pretty unlikable. They don't have a worthy cause - besides having the need to get off the planet. The bit of likability you'll see if how the marines remind each other that nobody gets left behind. But that's just common sense. They all have their selfish desires to get off the planet for their own sake. 

 In my opinion, the most important thing in a shooter is the weapons. If you play a shooter, and the weapons stink, why play that shooter? Well, the game's biggest flaw is its weapons. Your weapons are so basic. You have a typical assault rifle, shotgun, pistol, and sometimes you'll come across a minigun and a flamethrower. But these instances are very rare. The main guns you'll be using is the assault rife and the shotgun. The assault rifle is the definition of worthless. It's jammed packed with recoil - making it far too difficult to shoot someone more than 10 feet ahead of you. So, your assault rifle is very close range, but so is your shotgun! You having nothing that will easily take care of ranged enemies. Sure, it's possible to take out enemies from a distance, but you have to use up so many bullets to do so, and you also need to keep lining up your shot - which is just annoying. You really have to rely on your iron sights - which is also atrocious. It's pretty difficult to aim even with your iron sights. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy difficult games. But there's a point when a games becomes unnecessary difficult. It shouldn't be a hassle to try and shoot enemies 110 feet ahead of you. I previously mentioned a flamethrower and a minigun. The flamethrower is another close range weapon that's slightly more powerful than the shotgun. Of course you're going to get excited when you find a flamethrower, because you're going to be so sick of your shotgun and assault rifle. The minigun - compared to all the other guns in the game - feels like nirvana. The minigun will automatically put your crosshair onto an enemy. All you have to do is press the trigger. It's the only time in the game when you feel empowered. But here's the catch.... I have only come across the minigun once in the game. There are missions that require you to defend your location against Xenomorphs. They will give yo the option to use a sentry turret. These are completely useless. They take five seconds to put down. During this time, you're completely vulnerable. When you do finally put it down, it won't shoot anything. It doesn't turn a full 360 degrees - nor will it go up or down. No enemies are going to go directly in front of the turret.... The other gadget that you have at your disposal is your motion tracker. This will show you the locations of your enemies. You can't fire your gun when you have it out. I don't understand why they couldn't just add a standard radar. There are also upgrades in the game as well! You can buy a silencer - which is completely useless. You can also get a bigger ammo clip that adds an extra bullet. But the best upgrade you can buy is the red dot sight for your assault rifle. This will replace your very terrible iron sight. It's pretty sad that my favorite upgrade is a red dot sight.... 

The only enemies you're going to see is the regular Xenomorphs and Xenomorph spitter enemies. Enemy variety is tough to accomplish in an Aliens game. They couldn't just have your regular Xenomorph enemies and spitters They really can't just have chestbursters either.. So, besides being creative, and trying to come up with a new enemy type, they bring in humans to the fray. Yep, you'll be shooting regular humans in the game. This group is called the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. They are mindless and very boring to fight. This is when the game feels like a poor rip-off to Call of Duty. Speaking of mindless, I caught some Xenomorphs just sitting at one location - not moving at all. They weren't very intimidating. The only time you'll get emotional in this game is when you have to shoot these innocent Xenomorphs trying to mind their own business. The final boss fight is equally disappointing. He is very easy to fight. The enemies, in the game, are pretty lame. 

The environments look completely the same throughout the game. You'll fight through tight corridors. Sometimes you'll fight in larger spaces on LV-426. The planet itself is very bland and empty. The tight corridors are very, very tight. It limits tactics. When you play split-screen, sometimes it's hard to get around each other, so you both have a piece of the action. I really can't tell the levels apart. They all look exactly the same. 

 The game also contains multiplayer! Could the multiplayer be as bad as the campaign? Yep, it is. The weapons are still terrible, and playing as a Xenomorphs is just boring. There are three classes for the Xenomorphs. Two of them do exactly the same thing, and the other just spits an acidic substance. The Xenomorphs can always see the humans with their vision. But the humans also have their motion trackers. I would say the multiplayer is pretty unbalanced. The marines have an edge because they have a little bit of range on their weapons. Plus the Xenomorphs can die pretty easily. When I played the multiplayer, I dread having to play as the Xenomorphs. Thankfully, you get to take turns every five minutes. 

 I would not recommend this game to anyone - not even to die hard Aliens fan. This game is disappointing throughout. But, hey, at least they were consistent. When one weapon stinks - all the weapons stink. I'll give them props for consistency, I wouldn't even recommend this game to people who enjoy consistency, though. Avoid this game like the plague. 

Setting: Thumbs Down
Weapons: Thumbs Down
Story: Thumbs Down
Characters: Thumbs Down
Overall: 1/10