Hello all, Windmill here! 


In a few short months the PS4 and Xbox One will have officially been on the market for a full year.  Both consoles have sold several million units, and developers are finally beginning to devote their full attention to developing strictly on new gen consoles and PC instead of letting the older hardware of the Xbox 360 and PS3 hold them back.  

Despite the growing number of games being developed exclusively for this new console generation, has many early adopter's purchases been justified? Especially considering that most of the aforementioned new gen exclusive games have been shoved into or have been slated for a 2015 release.

Well,I bought a PlayStation 4 a few months ago with a combination of gifted birthday and Christmas money that I had saved up, and I've enjoyed my purchase thus far, but I can indeed say that I do not personally believe that such an early purchase was justified on my part.

I had told myself prior to the reveal of the new consoles in early 2013 that I would wait at least a year before purchasing a new console.  My PlayStation 3 was barely three years old and there were (and still are) a number of games in my backlog across all of my consoles that I had yet to play, but I let excitement get the best of me and jumped at the chance at getting a new console without a second thought of just how many games in the console's launch window would actually make the purchase worth it.

The first game I bought for my PS4 was Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (a great game I'd highly recommend if you haven't yet played it) and aside from a couple of free PlayStation Plus titles, I had very little to tide me over until the release of what was then my most anticipated PS4 exclusive game: inFAMOUS Second Son.  

Come March 21st and Second Son was in my hands, and while I had fun with it for quite a while, I can hardly say it justified the purchase of a $400 console.  Sure the graphics were pretty (really pretty, especially the lighting effects:) but there wasn't anything of real substance to separate the game from it's PS3 predecessors in my opinion.  

Since then, I've bought Thief and Watch Dogs, neither of which have impressed me to the lengths I thought they would, especially Watch Dogs.  Don't get me wrong I loved Watch Dogs but I didn't find it as revolutionary as was promised back when it was first revealed. I do, however, agree with the sentiment of the GI review for the game, which basically stated that it was a good starting point for a fresh new series.

A few more free PS+ games later, and we're caught up to today, with me eagerly awaiting the release of Destiny, which after playing the Alpha has me thinking that it might just be the first game that makes the purchase of my PS4 worth it.  

Now I know I could just as easily have purchased Destiny on my PS3 or Xbox 360, but truthfully, I believe that Destiny will look and perform best on PS4 and Xbox One, compared to the older hardware.  With Destiny, I believe Bungie has set out to revolution the FPS genre again as they did with Halo on the original Xbox, and that's just how I feel after playing an extremely early and restricted version of the game! 

Even though I will continue to purchase most new games on my PS4 regardless of the fact that they will be releasing on the older hardware, I can't help but feel I had decided to wait a bit longer to jump on the new gen bandwagon.

As I said earlier, most notable new gen exclusive titles have been pushed back into 2015 (including my beloved Batman: Arkham Knight *sheds tear*) so it definitely wouldn't have hurt me to have waited a year, but then again they're are still plenty of games I look forward to playing on my PS4 this year so I suppose it's not all bad, right? So, in the meantime, I'll just be sitting here, waiting for my PS4 to truly show its worth.  Sometimes it will be miserable, others not so much.  Either way, I'm certainly not an isolated incident, as I imagine there are plenty of people in similar situations as I.

That said, this blog reaches its conclusion and I leave you with the question: At what point do new consoles become a worthwhile purchase to you?  How long have you held off in the past, and how long will you continue to hold off for the foreseeable future? Let me know in the comments below.


thanks so much for reading!


-proprietary windmill