Hello, everyone!  It is I, The illustrious Proprietary-Windmill!  For my triumphant return to blogging I shall be discussing improvements I believe would make using the Gameinformer website a much smoother experience.  While GIO has an excellent community, I believe that GI's website could better reflect that magnificent community.

Some of you might remember I've made a blog like this before, but do to an incident some time ago said blog was deleted along with several others.  Well, it's been along time coming, but I've decided to make another blog tackling the subject of my wishes for improvements to the gameinformer site!  For those of you that read my original blog, I hope you'll find my writing has improved since, and that I present my arguments in a much more sophisticated manner.  If you don't like my writing, I apologize.  Please let me know where you think I can improve in the comments, and with that being said let's begin.

As I said before, GIO has a fantastic community, maybe even the best. One need only look at IGN or heaven forbid Gamespot's comment sections to discover that the people that spend their time on Gameinformer are often times more kind,and respect each others opinions more than the common gaming website.  That's not to say that Gameinformer's doesn't have its flaws, however.  While the community may be great, the site itself suffers from several issues that I think can best be resolved with the following improvements:

A Better Notifications System:  I can't speak for how many people share the same issues about this as me, but honestly the "what's happening" banner just doesn't do it for me.  I want a better way of finding out who has replied to my comments and who hasn't.   This problem could easily be solved by adding a hub for notifications up by conversations and friends at the top by our screen names.  If you feel that that would take up too much space it could easily be made into a small icon such as the globe on facebook or the little house on tumblr.  This would be used to let us know when someone responded to one of our comments and at one time they replied, and it would keep you updated for every response in that specific comment thread. 

Better Messaging:  To me the current messaging system is fine, but it would be incredibly nice to be able to send and view private messages without ever having to leave the article you're reading at the time.  This could be solved by having a chat system designed in the way of facebook, which you could easily hide out of view when you didn't need it, and of course you would be able to change your messaging status to "away" when you don't want to be alerted every time someone sends you a message.  I understand that not everyone may like this social network inspired design which is why if possible these people could stick with the current system and have the ability to turn this proposed chat like system on and off at will through the settings menu.

A Better Video Player:  Out of the topics I've discussed so far, I think this is the one which more people will find themselves agreeing with me about.  The current default video player for GIO, well...it just sucks.  I'm sorry there's really no other way to put it.  Please, please, if you just have to your own video player instead of just embedding a youtube video into the article, take notes from Polygon's video player. I'm not sure how many of you have used Polygon's video player, but it is better than just about any video player you've seen on a gaming website before.   Is it better than just watching it on youtube? No.  But as I said if you insist on having your own video player, I vote for one more in line with the one on Polygon.

A Way To Skip or Change Ads on Videos:  If an Ad is longer than 60 seconds, we should be able to skip it or at the very least be able to change to an ad that is shorter, about 15 to 30 seconds would be ideal, thank you!

This last one is more of a request than suggestion about how the site could be improved, but if at all possible could you give us an Android Gameinformer app?  I believe there is one for iOS and it would be really cool if those of us using an Android OS could get in on the mobile GI action. 

With that out of the way, I shall conclude this blog with a thank you and a announcement pertaining to the 'Windmill's Latest' daily questions on my profile.  I will not be continuing this project and I will try to release more blogs in the coming weeks.  You might even see one tomorrow if I'm feeling energetic!

As always let me know what you think in the comments section below.