Well hello there GIO!  It's me Proprietary-Windmill, bringing you my latest announcement.

Firstly, I have a bit of a bomb to drop....are you ready? Well as you can probably tell I've not posted a blog in quite sometime and to be honest, the reason behind that is that I can't seem to find a good focus when I write nowadays.  I'm actually surprised that I'm managing to write this blog right now.  This brings me to the meat of my announcement, I will continue not to blog. (Unless that is something comes up, that spurs me back into the mood so to speak)

Now I know you're probably more than just a little disappointed to hear this announcement considering I'm delivering it to you via a blog.  Well I've decided to replace blogging with something a bit more personal. Hence, enter the "Discussion" part of the title:

Every time I get the chance (I'll try my best to make it daily) I'll post a new topic or a question as the header for my profile page.  You can check in and discuss said topic or question at any point after it's posting, and I'll will do my best to reply back to all of you.  As per your request the discussions can be brought into a private conversation if you want to avoid a huge wall of comments...or not I'll leave that decision up to you. Oh and every Friday I'll change the formula up a bit and post an "Ask me Anything" on my profile page and you can fire away your questions away at me like: "What games are you playing now Windmill?" or "What do you think of *insert name of game or other media here* "  You can even ask me how or what I'm doing outside of video games as long as the questions don't get to personal.

The first discussion topic will be posted shortly after the posting of this blog.

And a reminder that this blog does not signify my complete end of blogging, I'll most likely blog again about something else, if anything just to deliver announcements like this one to you without having to go all the way to my profile page.

Anyways, have a good time gaming

Yours truly,