Many people use videogames as escapes from real life. Videogames allow you to live in other people's lives and experience things that you couldn't do in real life. You'd be lying if you said you never wanted to live in the life of a videogame character. I mean how awesome would it be to be the dragon slaying Dragonborn or to be able to enjoy the freedom of being a badass in a Grand Theft Auto game. That being said, not every character in videogames lives a fun and glamorous life. In fact, most of their lives are depressing and filled with danger around any turn. So instead of looking toward the positives in this list, Im going to focus on the characters you would never want to be in a million years.


Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain)

Things start out pretty well for Ethan Mars. He appears to be happily married, has two sons and looks to be a very successful man (that is one nice house). However one terrible event starts a downward spiral that turns Ethan into one of the most undesirable characters in gaming. It's bad enough that he loses his son in a car accident, but that is surprisingly not the worst part of Ethan's life. The accident send him into a coma, after awaking from his coma his wife leaves him, he becomes estranged from his other son and the coma left him with rapid blackouts. During one of those said blackouts his living son becomes abducted by who else but the Origami Killer himself. So Ethan must go through incredibly difficult and life threatening task all to get his son back (who may or may not be alive). The story of Ethan Mars is incredibly depressing and one that nobody likes to experience.


Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil series)

It was pretty obvious that a Resident Evil character would be on this list. But the question was which character? While Chris, Jill and Claire have all experienced some terrible events, it's Leon that always seems to be in the worst situations. The other three main protagonists have all kind of had it coming. Excluding the first game both Chris and Jill have made it a point to chase after the bad guys instead of it coming to them and Claire brought the fight to Umbrella, she was just asking for trouble. Leon on the other hand never really knew what he was getting into. Most first days as a cop don't involve you escaping a city filled with zombies and while finding the president's daughter probably isn't an "easy" mission, I doubt he expected to fight men filled with an ancient virus that makes giant bugs come out of their heads on the way. Then there are the events of Degeneration (the CG movie) and Resident Evil 6 and you have yourself a pretty unlucky character. However his dashing good looks keeps away from a higher spot.


Silent hill Protagonists (Silent Hill series)

Silent Hill may very well be the worst place on Earth (if it is on Earth, cue Twilight Zone music). As such, nobody wants to go there and in most cases, the protagonists of the Silent Hill games don't choose to go. However, these poor people somehow always get sucked into this demonic world. Whether it is from chasing their daughter or going through a mysterious hole in their bathroom, all of these characters seem to get sent to Silent Hill for no other reason than being unlucky. Plus Silent Hill is maybe the creepiest place in gaming. It's bad enough that you can't see more than 20 feet in front of you thanks to the fog. But the inhabitants of Silent Hill are some of the creepiest things I have ever seen. From the creepy nurses with no faces, pterodactyl-like things that fly around the streets and of course everyone's favorite demon Pyramid Head, there is nothing in Silent Hill that is pleasant at all. There are very few characters in gaming that have it worst that the poor Silent Hill protagonists.


Max Payne (Max Payne series)

From the moment we met Max Payne it was all downhill. Honestly if you just took the events of the first Max Payne, he would still make this list. Things look good for Max Payne at the beginning. He is married, recently had a child and he is pretty successful at his job as a NYPD officer. But then he comes home... First his wife and newborn daughter are both brutally murder by some junkies, his undercover job goes terribly wrong turning him into a suspect, he is drugged to a near death state, pretty much everyone he cares for seems to die and he eventually creates both an alcohol and painkiller addiction which does terrible damage to his mental state. Basically, Max Payne has lived a terrible life.  But what is interesting (and scary) about Max Payne is that he is one of the few characters that has a terrible life with no supernatural aspects added to it. He isn't part of a zombie outbreak or forced to fight his way out of an alien ship. Much like Ethan Mars all the bad things in his life could realistically happen to anyone and while he may not be stuck in terrible situations over and over again, he has lived a terrible life that nobody wants to endure.


Isaac Clarke (Dead Space series)

Isaac would be pretty high on this list if his resume only included losing his girlfriend and having to fight off legions of the undead Necromorphs on a ship in the middle of space. However, that was just the beginning. After coming back from the hellhole named the USG Ishimura, instead of getting the hero treatment he gets sent to a psychiatric ward. But at least he is safe, right? Nope, not only is Isaac now experiencing some (by some I mean a lot) mental issues but the Necromorph threat has followed him and now he has to experience hell all over again. But he once again succeeds and now it finally appears that life is back to normal... Well except for a new Marker turning millions into Necromorphs and being forced (at gunpoint) to jump back into the hell that he has already experienced twice, oh and his ex-girlfriend is missing just because his life sucks. My god, there is nobody in the videogame world who has it worse that Isaac Clarke, he has experienced some of the worst events in gaming not once, not twice but three times (and if EA has anything to say about there will probably be a fourth). If there was one character I would never want to be, it would be Isaac Clarke.


Well I hope you enjoyed my list of very depressing characters and their very depressing situations. Sorry about focusing on all of the depressing characters in gaming but you have to admit, I don't think there is anyone out there who wants to be in any of the above characters shoes. For every badass character that kids dream about being, there always seems to be a character like the ones above that people have nightmares about being.