Been waiting to post this one. Its kind different from the others. Oh and I promise the next one is going to be game related ;)

The Toxic

Ah, fresh sweet running water
Smooth in taste
Soft of touch
Replenish all the land you must
Streaming through the worlds veins
Under water canyons of Ocean floor

In the shadow it lurks and waits
The toxic prowls upon deaths gates
Flowing High
Flowing low
Clenching tight across the veins

The Earth calls to Sun and Moon
"The toxic shall drag you across deaths gates"
The warning of the Earth to both
The toxic pulls Earth through gates thresh hold
Dead is Gia, Earth's loving soul

The Moon is scared
"Relax coo's the Sun"
"The toxic cannot reach your skin"

The toxic on the Moon awakes
Cackling softly the toxic begins to grip
Help cries the Moon to the burning Sun
Solar flares are the answer of the Sun
But the toxic eats them and they become one

Too late the Moon is gone
The Sun realizes he is a big ball of toxic fun
The toxic reaches to take its prey
The Sun asks the universe to keep the toxic at bay

The universe gasps as the toxic responds
Taking all through deaths gate till everything is gone
Except for this poem for all to read
Who stand on dead earth and broken tree

The Sun is still there
But readers beware
He is the toxic that taints the air
In the shadow the toxic waits
To drag you across deaths gate

The toxic gives life
Then takes it away
The toxic decides who will go, who will stay

The toxic is your thoughts
In a matter of speaking
As long as you let him
The toxic keeps creeping

~Chris Kirchoff~