Welcome to my first edition of My Console. This is where I will be talking about my consoles and the great memories I have had with them. Todays pick of the crop is the Nintendo Entertainment System, better known as NES. Don't ask me how I managed to steal this treasure away from my seven siblings as it was the "family's console". This robust peice of equipment has managed to sustain my gaming needs even in the most dry spells of tripple A titles. However old this console has got, it still runs like new. Ok newish. And its all because of my helping friend, the padded stick from my Cleaning Kit.

Despite everyone constantly blowing in their NES to get it to work. I find that its much more efective to clean it properly. It prevents you from using your lungs for at least to game changes lol.

Who can forget the NES controler. Its perfect simplicity has been adding caluses to players thubs for decades.Only one of there epic controllers has managed to survive in my house. However one of its counterfiet buddies has managed to limp around its self.

A pioneer in the button mashing comunity, this controler paved the way for more hardware cheating.  Ladies and gentlemen the Turbo Pad. A controller that litteraly makes you feel like a gaming wizard, as it presses the button faster for you. Simply hold down the red buttons and you will magically run, shoot, and jump faster. Its too bad that its cord is inferior to nintendos however.

Remember when that tight wad friend pointed out that you shouldnt roll up your cord around the controller, well here is why. I can't even count the times this cord has been fixed. Oddly enough it works perfectly withought that white wire.....?

Who can truley say they played the NES withought having weilded the Nintendo Zapper. I can still hear the click and ringing of the trigger....oh maybe I should stop playing Duck Hunter and finish this blog.

Finally the games!!. Perhaps my most prized game of all my libraries combined is my Zelda II The Adventures of Link. The battery still works, and has my moms save file from 1994.

Ever since I was a kid I loved to play with blocks. No not wooden cubes. Multicolored virtual blocks raining from the sky. I still play Tetris regularly, as the newer versions of the game have continualy failed to release the same amount of endorphines in my brain.

Why play any other mega man when you have Mega Man 2. Seriously why?

Contra gets my vote for the best co-op of all time. What other game do you get to steal your buddies extra lives because you suck lol.

Aww the power line instructions, what were they thinking?

A must own Yo-Noid kept me glued to the tv for days. Who dosent like Noids that eat pizza and hit baddies with yoyos.

Like getting sucked into whirl pools time and time again then this is the game for you. Toobin', one of Tengen's best games.

"Movies To Games Goes Right" This is still my favorite movie game. I can still here the techno like soundtrack to Batman.

I only hold onto this one for respect of its sequal. Not that its not fun, but its just not as epic.

I havnt bought a single Hockey game since this one. I have tried some, but Ice Hockey has stood the test of time. This game is Friggin Sweet.

Duck Tales!!!! oh wait its the game not the show...Duck Tales!!!! Simply amazing.

OMG this was seriously the best instalment of the Franchise. Gauntlet just felt epic.

Wait skateboarding and throwing fire balls on a crazy Island....who would have thought it would be fun as hell.

Add this game to the list of Games to Movies Gone Right. This game was chalanging as it was fun.

This is the best game I ever bought used. Super Spy Hunter was like an action packed movie driving in your hand.

The adventures of chip and dale was suprisingly more fun than you can imagine. Unlike Snake, Chip and dale can hide in boxes and lay the smack down with them.

So many times I got near the finish only to die....so sad...so sad. Milons secret Castle is a sun soft masterpeice.

Bugs bunnys Birthday Blowout was the first game I finished.Period. It gave me that wave of acomplishment that has kept me gaming all these years.

I want this game redone in HD. Boulder Dash was my favorite puzzler on both the NES and the PC. More so on the pc as it had its own level Creator.

Weaopon upgrades galore. Uncle Festers Quest is as hard as it is fun. I hat party hats because of this game.

I hope you all enjoyed the ride. If you have any questions about the games or the console. Just ask