Hi everyone, for those of you who are not qore subcribers here are some tidbits from this months episode. There wasnt anything realy big this month and almost made me miss my money, and then I rememberd I got to play MAG because of it...all is well haha.

The first feature of this months interactive experience is a couple of cover stories on MOD Nation Racers.

The most interesting news I took from this feature is that in addition to being able to post your own tracks you will be able to re-mix online tracks. You can re-mix tracks and republish. The original author will get credit for creating the track and you will get credited for re-mixing. "same as the music industry does" was the quote.

The next piece was on Industrial Light and Magic


This piece was alright. Seems like it should have been in the special features of a mediocre DVD. They talked about what it takes to make epic shots that you can find in movies like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean and the new Star Treck. One interesting fact was that it took 13 weeks to build one robot from transformers. It takes months to make just five seconds of footage in one of these movies. All in all this feature was boring and hardly enticing.

The last feature from this episode was Assassins Creed 2!!

This was my favorite this month. They covered a wide birth of the game and even included spoilers.(you had a choice if you wanted to see them). In the feature they talked about the opening hours of the game following your romantic adventures. New additions to the game will be looting for treasure in order to buy weapons. You will actually be able to get a pistol in this one. There will also be a day and night cycle. That's all I am saying for now as the rest of the news was spoilers.

If you are a PlayStation owner. Qore is worth it. Special downloads and exclusive betas. No matter what you will get your money out of a 12 month subscription.