Im going to start posting my poems and stories here is the first to entice your interest.

Starting Again.

molten hot steel of the mind
slicing through fallacies
slicing through time
unravel the fabric of truth that no one can find
understand not why the world is cold
only understand what i cannot hold
what i cannot touch
what can't be mine

stopping to think about dreaded sickness of past
thats when i realize that forever won't last
reality is only what we perceive it to be
what your eyes tell your head means nothing to me
only im in control of the universe i see

as water flows to the center of earth
so do i find rebirth
as life peels back to reveal deeper shades
the intricacy of simplicity that everyone craves
i find myself drawn to the future
i am beginning anew
I have forgot everything i once knew

~Chris Kirchoff~