With XBL, PSN titles , and Wii ware on the rise, indie games are beginning to stand out amongst giant developers like EA and Activision. The more popular titles are even giving small developers more power and money to become their own premiere development companies such as Pixle-Junk. It seems time that more main stream Gaming communities covered their growth, progress, and most importantly the games.  Game Informer Magazine has featured some pieces on indie games and it is a good start.

Perhaps a great way for established gaming sites and magazines to start getting better coverage of indie games would be to  partner up with existing sources. After all indie games are important too. It only seems right that hard working indie developers should be rewarded with a larger audience.

Another way that indie games could see better coverage and audiences would be for big gaming magazines and websites like IGN and Game Informer would be for them to make a small indie section.

This Month in Indie Land

This is something I would love to see incorporated on GI website. Another tab in the Forums to discuss up coming indie games and share our favorites with other users.

Tell me what you think. Any official word from the GI staff would be sweet.