As if the earlier Fatal Frame games weren't horrifying enough, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo announced on July 17 that the new addition to the franchise would see a release in Japan as early as Sept. 27 of this year. 

The chilling story takes place on Hikamiyama, a mountain known for the rancid presence of death. The game's leading heroine, Yuuri Kozukata, is overtaken by harmless curiosity and decides to explore the mountain during the hour of night when the barrier between the living and the dead is sheer and briefly non-existent. 

Unfortunately, Fatal Frame V has not been officially confirmed for North America. Currently, on there is a petition to localize the game so that it can be available to be purchased in North America. With how much of an impact the release of the trailer has made already, there is hope that Nintendo will decide to bring it overseas. 

You can view IGN's first look here and take a look at the trailer.