Since working as Assistant Manager for GameStop Inc., I've had the pleasure of being able to stream the E3 press conferences in the store on a tablet for all to see. And what I've seen has me drooling. Here's a list of my top five games from E3.

1. The Evil Within

You knew this was going to be the top of my list, given my Silent Hill graffiti all over my profile and (if you follow me on Twitter) my constant babbling and tweets about the game. The Evil Within is the revival of  true survival horror. It's another chance for such stories to shine in the spotlight. Despite its delay to Oct. 21, I'm still hanging on the bandwagon. 

2. The Order: 1886

Before PlayStation's press conference, I didn't know much about The Order. But when I saw the gameplay trailer for it last night, I was sold. Paranormal creatures and dark, blood-spattered corridors, where do I sign up? Unfortunately, this game has also been pushed back to February, but I feel like it will be worth the wait. 

3. The Sims 4

Finally, a game that was moved up rather than pushed back. During the trailer for The Sims 4 at EA's press conference, it was announced that the game would be released Sept. 2 and not in October. I have played every Sims game since the release of the first, it's only fitting that I continue the pattern. This is the one game I can lose myself in for hours and not feel the least bit guilty. It is a game meant to devour your soul, and it's got soul-sucking down to an art. 

4. Playstation Now

I am currently in the process of transitioning to a PS4 (soon) and I will be trading my PS3 and every other console I own to get it. This makes playing PS3 games a thing of the past. Or does it? Playstation Now offers an opportunity to stream PS3 games on a PS4. My only thing is, how great of quality will it be? Playable? As long as I get to play both PS3 and PS4 games, I can be happy.

5. Bloodborne

By the same creators of Dark Souls, I am really hoping this isn't going to be as terrifyingly difficult as that franchise. From the looks of it, Bloodborne looks more up my alley than Dark Souls. The trailer had me hooked and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The trailer ended with a bullet to a zombie's head. It makes me want to know more. 

So there you have it. As you are probably wondering, I did not include any major releases like Destiny or Batman, or anything like that. I am the type of gamer who takes pride in the little guys, those who don't get much attention or come every once in a blue moon. This is why I love survival horror. It's very rare when a great survival horror title comes to light, and when one does, it's special. Aside from that, I have a unique taste. Looking at me, you wouldn't think I play survival horror some days and The Sims on others. 

Really, Playstation needed some new title announcements for the PS4 because I was starting to worry I'd be wasting $400 on a new system. We know Xbox killed it with the launch titles, but let's hope PlayStation can turn itself around.